Who Are the 99%

Matthew K.

You ask, “Who Are the 99%?”

I’ll tell you who. It’s you and your parents and your children. It’s your neighbors, your teachers, your students. It’s the clerk in the grocery store and the nurse at the doctors. It’s everyone you know.

In short, it’s all of us. And it’s up to all of us to come together, right here, right now, and quit letting the 1% keep us fighting each other instead of fighting against their greed and thievery.

The top 1% now has half the country’s wealth. Half our wealth. They get richer and richer while we get poorer and poorer.

Our politicians say we 99% have to do with less so the 1% can do with more.

It’s got to stop. And it is! We are coming together. We’re all the 99%.

The 99% at the #Occupy Wall Street and around the country need our help. They need food and supplies. This will only make a difference if we 99% can help keep them on the streets. It’s better still if we get out in the streets of our own towns. But if you don’t have an occupation planned in your city, get one started. No one better than you to make the next step.

And. consider donating supplies and pizzas to the 99%ers on the streets.