Beware the Liberal Media

Beware the Liberal Media
David Schlecht

It would be funny if it wasn’t so harmful to America just how wrong the lies of the “liberal media” really are. Our country’s media is owned, lock, stock and barrel by major corporations and they are all hell bent to destroy any chance the 99% have of saving our country from the greedy.

That’s because they are the greedy corporations. They share the same members of the boards of directors of the rest of the greedy corporations.

But, back to the media bias, even the Pew Research institute has determined that Obama receives four times more negative media than the Republicans.

How can Americans ever possibly make a good decision on their candidates when the media is out there trying to make imbeciles of them, and in the case of most republicans, succeeding?

Hey, why aren’t they still playing to the mentally deficient birthers? It’s probably not over, yet.

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