#OWS is now Occupy the Planet

#OWS is now Occupy the Planet
David Schlecht

The #Occupy Wall Street movement is now the Occupy the Planet with demonstrations all around the globe. The plight of the 99% is not limited to just the USA, it’s all around the globe. And, so are the demonstrators.

We are seeing occupations springing up all around the country and all around the world. Even here, in the heart of Republican insanity, we had 250 people demonstrating.

It’s just beginning and it is the best chance we 99% have of taking our country back from the greedy. Support your local occupiers. Show up. You are part of the 99%.

4 thoughts on “#OWS is now Occupy the Planet”

  1. Interesting results on the poll regarding whether there should be a primary challenger to Obama. 61% say yes, which seems to indicate that even those supporting Obama don’t feel he can win the election. Or … do you think it indicates something else?

    1. Well, CLW, I agree with Jerry. I don’t think the average Democratic voter is inclined to win at any cost. We want to put some pressure on Obama to be the president America elected him to be. Are you saying you think we should drop him entirely?

  2. I don’t know if I represent the mindset of the majority of those taking the poll, but Americans’ intention isn’t to “win at any cost,” but to pressure the politician to start delivering on his promises. I don’t think the Democrats want to change the hose in the middle of the stream because they think they’ll have a better chance of winning with a new horse. We’re trying to change the direction of the horse we’ve already elected.

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