The Corruption of our History

The Corruption of our History
Matthew K.

During and after the Great Republican Depression of the 1930s, the right-wing fanatics were busy writing news articles and books about how it wasn’t their policies that caused the crash. When they were expelled from government and the liberals took over the government and cleaned up, the right-wing was busy explaining how the recovery was actually due to this that or the other thing, but definitely not due to the liberals. You even hear conservatives of today explaining how it wasn’t liberal policies that got us out of their depression but the war.

Someone needs to grab the corporate media, you know the so called liberal media, and force them to publish the truth. If the war solved the depression, then why aren’t our two wars making this the land of milk and honey? If putting people to work making war makes jobs, won’t putting people to work building our infrastructure going to be even a better stimulus? The media is against the 99% and it’s time we turned off the poisonous TV.

Here we are, today, with the Republicans refusing to do anything whatsoever to help America get out of this Republican Great Depression. Their excuse for shafting you and me is so that they can make Obama a one-term president. In other words, they’re selling the country down the tubes to make political points. It should be pretty obvious by now that the Republican party is not interested in helping America. Their only interests lie with the billionaires at the expense of all the rest of us, the other 99%.

Today, you see right-wing blog after blog after right-wing think tank, rewriting our current mess, just like they did during their last great depression. It’s all the liberal policies like helping our neighbors and demanding safe food and drugs that caused the mess.

It’s not a small crime to corrupt our history. If America can’t learn from our mistakes, because the Republicans are polluting our information, then we’ll never be able to avoid this in the future. We’ll come along and step in this same gopher hole again and again until we learn from it. Are we learning yet?

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  1. The media has gone bye bye, Matt. We need to split it up. We have to start enforcing the Sherman Anti-trust act right now!

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