Clarence Thomas Thinks He’s King

Clarence Thomas Thinks He’s King
David Schlecht

We Americans all know that our government is rotten to the core. The number of good politicians is a tiny percentage of the body politic and the vast majority of the rest are doing their best to destroy America.

The mand who would be king

We’ve written about Clarence Thomas before. His crimes, big and small, are far above what any country should condone in a government.

There is finally starting to be efforts to bring the criminal Supreme Court judge to atone for his crimes. This is from the CREDO:

U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter is demanding that the Judicial Conference, an administrative arm of the court, uphold the Ethics in Government Act by referring Thomas’ apparent misdeeds to the Attorney General for further investigation.

It’s time we all signed up to make our voices heard. No Supreme Court judge is above the law. Law breakers do not belong in our government and we’re not going to put up with it anymore.

Sign up to have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas investigated for his numerous crimes.