Taking Advantage of the Handicapped

Taking Advantage of the Handicapped
David Schlecht

I’m sure we all remember back in our school years and those few sick kids who would take advantage of the mentally handicapped by calling them names or telling jokes about them, just so they looked better.

We were young, indeed, when we learned that it was wrong to take advantage of the weak. We learned that there was something wrong with people who did that. We learned that it was a sign of weakness when someone had to capitalize on the indefensible.

Fear and Hatred are two of the strongest emotions that make us weak, that handicap us. If you’re afraid, it is so much more likely that you’ll make a mistake. The same goes for hatred. Some of us are just doing the best we can with what we’ve got and nobody has the right to take advantage of us. No one!

But, there is an organization that is out there every single day trying to take advantage of the weak and the handicapped and even those who are too busy to pay attention. Are you being taken advantage of?

How are we being taken for a ride? What are the tricks? What are some examples? I’ll share the secrets with you.

The organization that is out there trying to make their lives better at our expense is using fear and hatred and just downright taking advantage of the naive, handicapped, or uneducated.

What examples of fear do you hear regularly? If you’re over 40, you remember the fear that was relentlessly fanned about the scary communists. Russia, the Soviet Union was the big scary monster in the dark. We even had drills to hide under our school desks in the event of a raid. Regular fear sessions. Who was encouraging the fear? Who was fanning the flames of fear of the Soviets?

Then came the Muslims. The same organization ran out of the fear when the Soviet Union collapsed so they needed a new boogy man to fear. So, they started fanning the fear of Muslims. Now that bin Laden has been killed, they’re, again, running out of things to make us fear.

They make us fear the brown skinned Mexicans coming to steal our jobs. They make us fear the gays and the gay agenda. They make us fear teachers forcing our kids to be gay or want to do sex. They make us hate and fear the liberals, the commies, the fascists.  They make us fear that Obama is coming for our guns.

They make us believe that Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate so they can sow fear that our president is a secret Muslim. They make us believe that Obama wasn’t born in America and fear that¬† we have an illegitimate president.

They make us fear and hate the blacks, the orientals, the hispanics, the Arabs.

Now, stop and think about all the bad things that I’ve been describing. How many of them are things we need to continue to fear? How many of them are manufactured by the Republican party to keep their voters uneducated and upset about the things they hate and fear?

The Republican party is making fools of every single Republican voter out there. If you don’t believe the lies, why do you vote for the liars? Why do you vote for the party that is taking advantage of the less educated among us? Why vote for the party that has to use hate and fear to get you to vote against your own best interests?

Are you a Republican? Are you waking up yet?

I know, the Democratic party is just as bad. At least that’s what we’re led to fear.

5 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of the Handicapped”

  1. Honestly! If your mental image of a tea bagger is anything like mine, there’s no question that someone is taking advantage of the mentally challenged. The Republican part should be shunned by everyone for taking advantage of those poor folks.

  2. Good point, Charles. It’s unconscionable that a major political party, especially in America, is allowed to capitalize on the ignorant.

  3. David,
    I would agree with your opinion of Citigroup, however, I know there is no hope in changing your mind about the Republican party, so I will not bother. I don’t agree with what has happened to our economy but we can all blame congress for not being competent, over many years and not making the right decisions on issues but making them instead on what is expedient for their constituents.
    Do you really think that the far left people like Obama has the right answers? He has lied from the beginning of his campaign. He has had 3 years of failure, has had a Democratic congress for the first year or so and still has been a failure. All the conservatives want to do now is cut spending. If you can not see that this is the answer to our failed budget, you are not only blind but ignorant. Spending is what got us into this. To bash the Republican party is equally ignorant. The ONLY reason Bill Clinton had a balanced budget is that the Republican congress sent his bloated budget back and passed their own, but he gets credit for it. Look it up! Clinton is also responsible for our trade disaster with China. Free trade with China is absurd with their government subsidizing commodities and their cheap labor eating our lunch.
    Obama wants to pass this healthcare bill which will bankrupt our economy but the dems don’t care. They just want everyone to get ALL the benefits they want. Take a good long look at Greece, Italy and Spain. They all had a very liberal government which spent them into oblivion. So, being conservative with money is just common sense. You can not spend what you don’t have.
    Now, let’s take the unions with their collective bargaining. That’s fine for the private sector, but in government you can not have it as eventually, there will not be enough tax money to pay for pensions, CPI increases, the usual government wastes, excessive overtime and all the perks that they get without bankrupting the government, whether city, county or state governments. Why do you think that the Federal government does not allow collective bargaining?
    The Tea Party was a non violent movement against more taxes and cuts in spending? Now aren’t they horrible for pushing these ideas? Now look at the Wall Street Protestors? There are all kinds of problems with their movement across the nation. Why is that? I would agree with their protest against Wall Street, as those greedy bastards are mostly responsible for our problems, however, the people protesting there are a bunch of misfits with all kinds of liberal extreme agendas and are destroying their cause. So, wake up and stop bashing the conservatives, we are trying to save the country from spending freaks. – Terry

    1. Terry looks like just another Republican paid shill. He/she hit every single current Republican talking point. Every one that has been disproved or found to be an outright lie. There’s no point in even refuting the lies. It’s be done already here and everywhere else.

      Who is paying you to post these talking points?

  4. These lies have already been refuted. Hey, Terry, if you make it a point to put links in to support your talking points you will find that they are bogus and will save yourself the embarrassment of posting them over and over again, unless that’s your sole purpose.

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