Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself!

Subject: Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself!

Dear Friend,

The Supreme Court recently decided to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the new health care reform bill passed by Congress last year, and Justice Clarence Thomas has a supreme ethical conflict.

Amidst accusations of ethics violations, just two weeks ago on the day that the Court decided to hear the challenge of the new health care law, Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia were honored at a benefit put on by the same firm that is leading the challenge and the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Tell Justice Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself from deliberations on the constitutionality of health care reform. You can sign the petition at the link below.

The Ponzi Scheme of Commons Exploitation

The Ponzi Scheme of Commons Exploitation
David Schlecht

We’ve posted before regarding the need to protect our commons and the damage caused by allowing the greedy to exploit our commons for profit.

I’m glad to see that others are beginning to recognize the unavoidable destruction that comes from the greedy exploitation of our commons.

This is such an important issue that it has to be addressed immediately.

We are allowing some to get rich by mining our minerals, and drilling our oil. I say “our” because everything in the ground belongs to all humans, all of us. Anything and everything we take from the Earth is limited. Sooner or later everything will run out unless we make rules, right now, today, to prevent the extraction of anything that is not replaced at the expense of those benefiting from the taking.

But, stop. Think about this a minute. Aren’t you and I benefiting from having cars to drive and oil and gas to burn to keep us moving and keep our heaters and air conditioners and air filters working? I’m guessing we will all say, yes, we are all benefiting from exploiting our finite resources.

What happens to our kids and grand kids when we’ve used up all those resources? Haven’t we effectively stolen the resources from future generations?

It’s time we started realizing that this Ponzi scheme will only last so long before it will all come crashing down. What will happen to our economy when all the oil is gone? It will be the biggest economic crash we’ve ever seen and it will last the rest of time.

What happens when we’ve used the last of the rare earth minerals that make our technology run? No new computers, no new pace makers, no new technology. What do you think that will do to our economy?

Sure, there’ll be a whole new industry of little Chinese slave labor hands stripping the guts out of our old technology trying to scrounge up enough to make a new computer. What will that do to our computer industry? What will that do to our entire technology industry? It’ll be a disaster like we’ve never seen before.

Sure, we might not run out of oil today and we might have enough rare earth minerals to last a few more years, but sooner or later it will all be gone. We have to start conserving today. We need to start finding alternatives to our limited resources. We need to stop the greedy from exploiting our commons for money. When it runs out, it will be you and me that suffer. It’ll be our kids and grand kids. The greedy will already have their money.

Now, don’t expect the greedy 1% to willingly stop making money stripping away our commons. It has to be you and me to pass the laws that require that our commons be cared for. The only way to protect our commons from the greedy and from ourselves it to educate everyone of the train wreck right around the corner and to pass laws that protect our commons, right now, today.

The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives

The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives – Updated
Matthew K.

Here we are now, November 2011, and what have the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives done for America?

In poll after poll, the two most important things on almost every American’s mind is JOBS and the ECONOMY.

What have the Republicans done for America on these fronts? Not a single thing. On the contrary, they have passed bill after bill that destroys jobs, knowing that they will never be accepted into law.

They even obstruct the passing of debt limits in order to prevent We the People from creating jobs through government programs. In fact, the Republicans in the different levels of government have destroyed the jobs of 800,000 public employees. Did they do this to save money? Don’t be silly. They followed up those job cuts with tax give-aways to the top 1%.

The Republicans in office have done everything they can to hurt America in order to make Obama and the Democrats look bad and increase their chances of gaining more power. They even admit that their number one goal is to make Obama a one term president. Got that? The Republican number one job isn’t to fix this mess they made but to make it even worse hoping that the voters will be stupid enough to blame the Democrats for it.

And, you can be sure that the Republican voters who have no idea what’s going on will gladly blame everyone but themselves for voting like the idiots they truly are.

Update: Today the Republicans have filibustered a jobs bill that would have passed if it had been voted on. They obviously don’t want our government to work and they obviously don’t want to fix the economic mess they created.

Update 2: Yesterday they passed a bill that confirms that “in god we trust” is the company motto. Got that? No on jobs,  yes on garbage like this. If you voted for these pigs, I hope you’re paying attention. I hope you’re feeling the pain they are causing, first hand.

Update 3 (Admin): Check out this survey from a Republican politician. Do you see anything important missing? Only the most important thing to America.

What Republicans Want - no jobs no economy
No Jobs


Absolutely no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security

This came to my inbox today. There is an all out attack on everything that is designed to help the 99%. It’s time we started standing up for ourselves. No one else is going to.

Subject: Tell Senate Democrats: Absolutely no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits

Dear Friend,

It’s official: There’s now a bipartisan consensus on the Super Committee to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits.

The Republicans have a longstanding desire to dismantle Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. But according to recent news reports, a majority of Democrats on the Super Committee just proposed their own plan to reduce the deficit that included slashing Medicare benefits by $200 billion and dramatically reducing future Social Security benefits.

It’s hard to imagine how the Democrats on the Super Committee could be any more out-of-touch or wrongheaded.

In the face of massive unemployment, rampant foreclosures, a sputtering economy and widespread anger that the country is systematically prioritizing the needs of the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations over the needs of the other 99% of us, the Democrats who support this plan think the best thing to do is make it harder and more expensive for seniors and the less fortunate to get medical care or pay for their basic living expenses.

Tell Harry Reid and the Democratic senators on the Super Committee: Absolutely no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits.

Click here for more information and an easy way to take action.