The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives

The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives – Updated
Matthew K.

Here we are now, November 2011, and what have the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives done for America?

In poll after poll, the two most important things on almost every American’s mind is JOBS and the ECONOMY.

What have the Republicans done for America on these fronts? Not a single thing. On the contrary, they have passed bill after bill that destroys jobs, knowing that they will never be accepted into law.

They even obstruct the passing of debt limits in order to prevent We the People from creating jobs through government programs. In fact, the Republicans in the different levels of government have destroyed the jobs of 800,000 public employees. Did they do this to save money? Don’t be silly. They followed up those job cuts with tax give-aways to the top 1%.

The Republicans in office have done everything they can to hurt America in order to make Obama and the Democrats look bad and increase their chances of gaining more power. They even admit that their number one goal is to make Obama a one term president. Got that? The Republican number one job isn’t to fix this mess they made but to make it even worse hoping that the voters will be stupid enough to blame the Democrats for it.

And, you can be sure that the Republican voters who have no idea what’s going on will gladly blame everyone but themselves for voting like the idiots they truly are.

Update: Today the Republicans have filibustered a jobs bill that would have passed if it had been voted on. They obviously don’t want our government to work and they obviously don’t want to fix the economic mess they created.

Update 2: Yesterday they passed a bill that confirms that “in god we trust” is the company motto. Got that? No on jobs,  yes on garbage like this. If you voted for these pigs, I hope you’re paying attention. I hope you’re feeling the pain they are causing, first hand.

Update 3 (Admin): Check out this survey from a Republican politician. Do you see anything important missing? Only the most important thing to America.

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