A Good Employee

A Good Employee
David Schlecht

If not all of us, at least most of us have been an employee at some time in our lives. Many of us have even been supervisors and managers.

Let’s face it, we all know how important it is to have employee reviews and evaluate our employees based on their skills and accomplishments, on the positive side, and on their failures as well.

Believe it or not, you have employees whether you think you do or not, and you need to start doing employee evaluations on them.

Yes, I’m talking about our elected representatives.

It’s not enough that they’re one party or another, we really need to know how they’ve voted and why. We need to know how much they’re wasting of the expense account we give them for their work.

How many days per week does your representative work and how many times is he AWOL? How much of his expense account is being spent on the wrong things? How much are YOU paying for his haircut? His pedicure? His tanning sessions? His golf afternoons. His private subway? His security?

In order to evaluate our employees, we need to start seeing progress reports, individual progress reports for each. And on this report card, we need to know how much effort they’ve been putting into working to make this a better country and how much time they’ve been voting strictly party line, against the best interests of the country.

We need to start seeing drug tests and alcohol blood tests and pee tests.

And we need to see financial reports monthly of all money raised and by whom. We need to know who is trying to bribe our representatives and we can only do it by demanding this information.

So, some fools in Congress want to drug test recipients of federal funds like welfare. So, if someone has a drug problem, I guess we should just all stand around and watch their children starve to death. It must be mighty strange to be a Republican representative and support those lousy ideas.

But, it is indeed time to start expecting 40 hours a week from the crooks, even if eight of those hours are to be spent back in their own districts. I would like to see a timecard showing what my representatives spend their time on.

We need to start seeing some accountability.

So, what do you think? Should we start drug testing our politicians?

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