Hold the Criminal Banks Accountable

Reports are out that in the next 48 hours, President Obama could
make the call on whether to hold Wall Street accountable and open an
investigation into the banks’ role in the housing crisis, or agree to a
sweetheart deal that lets them off the hook.

I signed a petition urging the president to start an investigation to hold
Wall Street banks accountable for the damage done to our economy. Can you
join me at the link below?



2 thoughts on “Hold the Criminal Banks Accountable”

  1. I’ve read repeatedly that petitions done through email are not given credence, and yet I still see them being listed at blogs. So … are they valid, or are they not? Have you heard any sure word on that?

    Also, comments were closed on the article that contained the poll as to whether welfare recipients or politicians should be drug tested. However, the results showed 62% felt welfare recipients should NOT be tested, while 38% voted they should.

    As to politicians, however, 100% of those voting voted yes for testing.

    Interesting. So, could we draw a conclusion of trust for welfare recipients and distrust for politicians? Or a bias for welfare recipients and prejudice against politicians? Or is this perhaps a class and economic status issue? Ah yes, who can say, but it’s certainly interesting to think about what the votes actually mean.

    Always love to take your polls and think about the results. 🙂

    1. Hi CLW. Good question. I’ve also read that they don’t have any impact. But, then I see actual numbers that show that they do work. At least in many cases. Signing up for a million-signature petition certainly has credence. But, if you’re one of 100 signatures, then I would venture to say that it won’t have a whole lot of weight. But, you only know what impact it will have AFTER you sign up. The one way to ensure that what you do will have no impact is to do nothing. Then the only thing that will have impact is the money being stuffed into our politicians’ pockets.

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