The Poison Pill Killing the Post Office

The Poison Pill Killing the Post Office
David Schlecht

This story can’t be repeated often enough and it’s important enough that it should be on everyone’s mind and on everyone’s lips.

Five years ago, the Republican party put a poison pill into legislation that is killing the Post Office. The Post Office is now expected to fund medical benefits for their retires FOR THE NEXT SEVENTY FIVE YEARS, all in the next few years.

Think about that for a minute. The next seventy five years means they’re having to put money aside for people who aren’t even born yet and might work at the Post Office.

The purpose of this poison pill is obviously nothing less than an effort to kill the Post Office, the only office that is protected by the Constitution.

The Republicans want to give the Post Office off to one of their rich Super PAKs and they might as well make sure there are billions of dollars in medical saving accounts to give away while they’re at it.

If you’re a Republican, I’m sure you have some excuse about how your party is so unethical and so against everything America and it’s constitution stand for, but you can only lie to yourself for so long.

The Republican Party is not only poisoning the Post Office, they’re trying to poison the entire country and no body is talking about it. Have you heard about this on your Fox news channel? Nah, didn’t think so.

We have got to overturn this awful poison pill and kick the crooked Republicans out of power for the next few generations until they come clean and start working for the better of the country rather then the best interests of their billionaire donors.

To be a Christian

To be a Christian
Paul J.

With all the talk from the Republican candidates about how superior their own personal religious strengths are, it should remind all of us what it really means to be a Christian.

Do you consider yourself a Christian? What are your most important Christian principles?

Considering how Jesus taught and how he lived his life, here are some Christian principles many consider important. How do you rate on these Christian principles?

  1. Works of Mercy: Do you support and vote for a political party that is for providing material needs of the weak, sick, and poor? Or do you vote for a party that is against health care for all?
  2. Does your political party seek to take away rights from others, such as gays, or illegal aliens, or Muslims? Or does your political party show mercy for all, regardless of their differences?
  3. Salt and Light: Do you shine like a lamp and show your political party that you believe in “do unto others as you would have done unto you?” Or, do you support a political party that wants tax breaks for the rich while deserting the needs of the poor?
  4. Does your political party want to cut expenses by taking away benefits and services for the poor to help the wealthy? Or does your political party want the wealthy to share in order to feed the hungry, and heal the sick?
  5. Are you sure that your political party shines with the light that you want illuminating you and your family and you community and your country?

If you are a Christian, these are some difficult questions and hopefully will make you stop and think, regardless of your political party.

Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me. [Matthew 25.40]


What Does Pro Life Mean?

What Does Pro Life Mean?
Paul J.

What does it mean to be pro-life? Answer some simple questions and rate yourself.

  1. Should the sick be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  2. Should the elderly be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  3. Should the poor be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  4. How about if they have to chose between heat and medicine?
  5. Should the homeless be cared for?
  6. Should illegal aliens be cared for even if they can’t afford our hospitals?
  7. Should the minimum wage be high enough to provide a meaningful way of life for everyone, one that includes medical and retirement?
  8. Are you against the death penalty?
  9. Are you against abortions?

Count up all your “yes” votes. If you have only one “yes” vote, some strange folks would say you’re pro-life. But anyone with even the slightest grasp on reality would say that anyone with less than 90% “yes” vote is just mediocre. Anyone with less than 50% “yes” has a serious problem. If you are below the 50% mark, I strongly suggest you read the Constitution of the United States and start with the introduction, or preamble. Just in case you can’t find it, here is how it starts:

We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It should be pretty obvious to even the most uneducated in our society that the purpose of our government is so we can provide for the wellbeing of ourselves and our neighbors. The entire introduction to our constitution lays it out in black and white.

Fixing America’s Economy

Fixing America’s Economy

There is a fix for America’s current financial, political, education, and health industry disasters.

Any addict hoping for recovery must first admit what the problems are. America must wake up to the cause of our current problems and admit that they are problems that needs addressing.

In all the cases mentioned above, there is one primary underlying addiction that is perpetuating the disaster. For those who are willing to take the time to look at our history, it is obvious that we had a handle on these problems for the most part of the past 100 years. We had the world’s best education systems, we had the world’s best medical, we had the world’s leading economy.

But, looking back at the 1920’s and you will see that, like today, this wasn’t true. They were the unregulated “Roaring 20s” but it lead directly into the world’s worst Depression of all time. What have we been doing right since the 1920’s and what are we no longer doing right, today?

The answer is capitalism, or more accurately, unrestrained greed.

We used to have the world’s best education system. But, then we started getting stingy with our education dollars, and today we want to give a big slice of the education dollars to billionaires in the way of privatized schools and vouchers.  The most successful countries in the world today, have a tax rate almost double what we have in America and aren’t afraid to spend it on education.

Got that? Double.

Why don’t we have higher taxes? Because greed has taken control of our country. Unrestrained Capitalism has us believing that it’s in our best interest to abandon all the things that made America strong over the past 100 years: unions, education dollars, regulations, taxes.

When you hear the term “free markets” it is code words for taking away what little restraints we still have on greedy capitalists.

America used to have laws that said insurance companies must be non-profit as well as our hospitals. We’ve abandoned those regulations and look where it’s gotten us. The medical industry is working diligently to restrict the number of doctors we have in America.  Why? Well, for greed, and nothing more. Fewer doctors means higher profits for doctors.

Now, all you Fox zombies, just hold on. I’m not saying we need to do away with capitalism, I am saying we need to get back to the days when we weren’t afraid to regulate it. Regulations are our friends.

Since the days of Reagan, our politicians are afraid to break up the big monopolies. They even express interest in advancing them, if they’re a Republican, and they’re too afraid to do anything if they’re a Democrat.

Our capitalism is running amock and we have to regain control of it. But, that will be impossible until we come to admit that we have a problem. Like a typical addict, we have to admit we have a problem before we can fix it.

The 99% Movement is succeeding at bringing this to our attention, but the greedy capitalist are doing their best to discredit the movement. We have to all wake up and realize that the greedy corporate news sources are dead set on preventing us from taking back control of our country. It’s time to turn off the broadcast television and time to admit we have a problem. The problem is unrestrained capitalism and therein lies the fix.

The Gift of the 99%

The Gift of the 99%

There is no denying that Fox and the Republican party is dead set against the 99% Movement and #Occupy.  I hear many a Fox viewer repeating the talking point, “The 99% doesn’t represent me.”

I don’t expect the customers of the Conservative propaganda to spend much time thinking, but this comment shows much more than just lack of thinking, but actually shows downright brain washing. If you’re not a billionaire, you’re the 99% and, no matter how much you might hate it, you represent yourself, as do the rest of the 99% of us.

Now just think about this for a minute. Before the 99% woke up, America was discussing billionaire talking points day in and day out. All the news on all the so called Liberal Media were talking the billionaire talking points of austerity and, “Oh my gosh, I think I just wet myself again over the budget.”

Now that the 99% are finding our voice, the so called Liberal Media is now forced to talk about something more than billionaire talking points. We even accidentally hear in the so called Liberal media words like “unfair wealth distribution’, and “wealth redistribution to the top 1%”, and “welfare and tax cuts for the billionaires”.

As much as the Fox viewers might hate the thought, they are waking up from their Fox delusions and realizing that Fox and the Republican party are the mouthpiece for the billionaires. There’s no wonder they hate the 99%. No wonder they hate their viewers, who are waking up. No wonder that they hate having to talk about the unfair distribution of wealth in America.

Thank you #Occupy and the 99%. We are beginning to talk about the things that really matter to America because of you.

Getting Ready for the Big Lie

Getting Ready for the Big Lie
David Schlecht

It’s that time again. Election season. And it’s time for the billionaire think tanks to start their army of talking spewing zombies.

Few people realize it, but the typical liberal has no money to invest in lying on public forums to convince fools to vote against their best interests. A billionaire does not do better when liberal policies are in place, only the 99.99% of the rest of Americans benefit. So it’s in a billionaire’s best interest to spend a few hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars spewing their talking points and convincing Americans that would otherwise know better.

I’ve never known anyone who would disagree with this. The wealthiest 1/10 of 1% vote for their best interests by voting for lower taxes and fewer regulations and more tax loop holes and they get lots of otherwise smart Republican voters voting along with them. How? By spewing their talking points all around like a little dog marking his territory.

Now, ask yourself, how would a liberal billionaire benefit financially from furthering the interests of Democrats? Only a billionaire who was driven by moral principles would spend money advancing liberal policies. That is why there are so many conservative think tanks and so many money losing conservative talk radio shows — because it’s a good investment for the 1% who are looking for foolish followers.

And it is open season. The conservative think tanks of the 1% are hiring people to go out and post comments and edit wiki sites to catapult their propaganda. A good example is Wikipedia. Check out any of the issues that show the utter failure of the Republican party and supply side economics, and you will see it heavily edited with Republican talking points. Check out the pages on the last Republican Great Depression. Almost all references to the failed policies of the three Republican administrations leading up to the depression are all removed or whitewashed to look like they were a good idea.

Do the liberals need to lie to defend their policies? Of course not. The Republican drive the county in the ditch over and over and the Democrats come along and clean up their mess, over and over.

Look at Reagan’s great recession. Look at The Great Depression. Look at Bush’s Great Recession. They are all done by lowering taxes on the rich and raising taxes on the middle class. Of course it also helps to cut back on regulations and stop enforcing others.

So, you can expect to start seeing more and more zombies spewing the GOP talking points here but never staying around long enough to actually discuss the issues. They’re paid shills by the billionaires to get uneducated and uninformed followers.

Get ready!

What are the Commons?

What are the Commons?
David Schlecht

We’ve posted many times regarding the importance of protecting our commons. Check out some of our previous posts, such as,

There’s also a good web resource that you should check out that has a worthwhile perspective on the commons.

Reading any of the above links will give you a good grasp on the commons. But, in a nutshell,

  1. General Commons: The Commons are those things that we all hold in common, such as our country, our clean air, clean water, our resources like minerals and oil, our soil, our common needs such as health care, and our common defense.
  2. Common Wealth: Of these commons, some are assets, such as our soil and our minerals, some are liabilities, such as our government and our health care, and some are neutral, such as our military. Of course, different ways of looking at each common may put the common in a different category, such as defense is also a liability as it will cost us unending investment to maintain, and a country and our government is an asset but will also cost us money. Any common that is viewed from the perspective of an asset is considered a common wealth.

When a logging company harvests the lumber off our land, they are taking our commons and making a profit from them. It is morally right that the profits should be used to repay the people for the loss of their common wealth. The same goes for all our common wealth. Oil companies are not just stealing the oil that is part of the common wealth, but they are stealing the oil from our future generations. Morally, they need to be reimbursing us for the stripping of our wealth and when they don’t, they’re stealing from us.

When a company flushes toxins and pollution in our air, they need to be reimbursing us for the reduced value of our breathing air.

Our common wealth can be divided into renewable and non-renewable commons. Renewable common wealth, such as lumber, is still costing you and me because of the depletion of the nutrients in the soil. If the logging company renews the forests to their original health and renew the soil, then they’ve repaid the common wealth. Anything less is a “taking” that should be paid for.

We have to put a stop to the plunder and pillage of our common wealth and the commons of future generations and we have to stop today. Every day we procrastinate is more value lost that will never be repaid by the companies stealing our commons.

Job Growth

Job Growth
David Schlecht

This is why you never leave your country in the hands of Republicans

Take a close look at the graph. This simple graph should remind everyone why we should never ever let the Republican party take control of our country again.

But so many of the Republican voters will conveniently forget all about the facts and start believing the propaganda that it’s all Obama’s fault.

Just wait till the billionaires start flooding our media with their lies and so many uninterested voters will just follow along like nice little sheep.

You should check out the graph one more time just to help you visualize the difference between voting Republican and voting Democratic.

Comparing Employment with the Great Depression

Comparing Employment with the Great Depression
David Schlecht

With the games that our government is constantly playing with the unemployment numbers, it’s impossible to get the real numbers and also impossible to compare today’s Great Recession with the Great Depression of the 30s.

Some of the many games is we no longer count the homeless, we don’t count the unemployed who don’t show up in the census. We often don’t even count those who have exceeded their 99 weeks of benefits. We don’t count those who are under employed, or those who are flipping burgers with a BS degree. Anything to make the numbers look better, and our government is using it.

One way to compare the depth of the current disaster with the last Republican Great Disaster is to compare changes in GDP, our Gross Domestic Product. This is the calculated value of the goods and services produced by the country.

Why should we compare these? These numbers show, not just how much we produce, but how much we’re working. The GDP goes up for reasons other than employment, but it’s a good general indicator.

Here is a graph showing the relative changes in GDP over the past recessions.

Changes in GDP in the past recessions

What you should pay close attention to is the length of time it takes to get back to normal GDP output, or in other words, back to normal employment.

Considering that we’re nowhere near back to normal in GDP, we can conclude that we are nowhere near back to normal in employment. Believe me, 8% is nowhere near the real rate  of unemployment.

And, considering that we haven’t even touched fixing the issues that triggered the current recession, and that we’re nowhere near putting Humpty Dumpty back together, perhaps we should hold on to our hats, or better yet, our wallets a while longer.

Enough with the Austerity Already

Enough with the Austerity Already
David Schlecht

Why are we still struggling with this Republican Great Recession five years afterwards? Even the Republican Great Depression of the 30s didn’t take this long to turn around, so why is this one?

If you look at your history books, you’ll see that the Republican austerity policies were soundly rebuked within three years and Hoover was gone with them. Unfortunately, now, we are still clinging to the promises of austerity. In fact, the entire world is experimenting with the dangerous drugs of austerity and the whole world is suffering.

In fact, there has never been a country that has successfully cut its way to prosperity. The only way to get this log jam freed up is to start taxing the rich like we did at the end of the last Great Depression, you know, 90%, and start spending on lots and lots of work programs.

And, this country drastically needs an investment in our infrastructure. There is no better marriage of needs and solutions than to rebuild our crumbling country and start investing in our future generations by fixing our education system.