Enough with the Austerity Already

Enough with the Austerity Already
David Schlecht

Why are we still struggling with this Republican Great Recession five years afterwards? Even the Republican Great Depression of the 30s didn’t take this long to turn around, so why is this one?

If you look at your history books, you’ll see that the Republican austerity policies were soundly rebuked within three years and Hoover was gone with them. Unfortunately, now, we are still clinging to the promises of austerity. In fact, the entire world is experimenting with the dangerous drugs of austerity and the whole world is suffering.

In fact, there has never been a country that has successfully cut its way to prosperity. The only way to get this log jam freed up is to start taxing the rich like we did at the end of the last Great Depression, you know, 90%, and start spending on lots and lots of work programs.

And, this country drastically needs an investment in our infrastructure. There is no better marriage of needs and solutions than to rebuild our crumbling country and start investing in our future generations by fixing our education system.