Job Growth

Job Growth
David Schlecht

This is why you never leave your country in the hands of Republicans

Take a close look at the graph. This simple graph should remind everyone why we should never ever let the Republican party take control of our country again.

But so many of the Republican voters will conveniently forget all about the facts and start believing the propaganda that it’s all Obama’s fault.

Just wait till the billionaires start flooding our media with their lies and so many uninterested voters will just follow along like nice little sheep.

You should check out the graph one more time just to help you visualize the difference between voting Republican and voting Democratic.

2 thoughts on “Job Growth”

  1. Interesting graph. What do you think of the projections for the price of gas in the next couple of months? Any thoughts on what Americans can do to stay afloat (financially) if gas at the pump goes to $5+?

  2. Good graph, good post. As for the price of gas, I just filled up my ultra-economical car and it was almost $4 per gallon. $60 to fill up. Groan. Where will it end? Did you know Gas is the number one biggest manufactured export of America? That’s why it’s so expensive. It’s more profitable if they sell our gas over seas. That way our prices go up.

    Who was it that said, “Drill here, Drill now, Save Money, I can see Russia from house”? Oh, that’s right, the Republicans. Wrong now, wrong then, evidently wrong forever.

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