Getting Ready for the Big Lie

Getting Ready for the Big Lie
David Schlecht

It’s that time again. Election season. And it’s time for the billionaire think tanks to start their army of talking spewing zombies.

Few people realize it, but the typical liberal has no money to invest in lying on public forums to convince fools to vote against their best interests. A billionaire does not do better when liberal policies are in place, only the 99.99% of the rest of Americans benefit. So it’s in a billionaire’s best interest to spend a few hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars spewing their talking points and convincing Americans that would otherwise know better.

I’ve never known anyone who would disagree with this. The wealthiest 1/10 of 1% vote for their best interests by voting for lower taxes and fewer regulations and more tax loop holes and they get lots of otherwise smart Republican voters voting along with them. How? By spewing their talking points all around like a little dog marking his territory.

Now, ask yourself, how would a liberal billionaire benefit financially from furthering the interests of Democrats? Only a billionaire who was driven by moral principles would spend money advancing liberal policies. That is why there are so many conservative think tanks and so many money losing conservative talk radio shows — because it’s a good investment for the 1% who are looking for foolish followers.

And it is open season. The conservative think tanks of the 1% are hiring people to go out and post comments and edit wiki sites to catapult their propaganda. A good example is Wikipedia. Check out any of the issues that show the utter failure of the Republican party and supply side economics, and you will see it heavily edited with Republican talking points. Check out the pages on the last Republican Great Depression. Almost all references to the failed policies of the three Republican administrations leading up to the depression are all removed or whitewashed to look like they were a good idea.

Do the liberals need to lie to defend their policies? Of course not. The Republican drive the county in the ditch over and over and the Democrats come along and clean up their mess, over and over.

Look at Reagan’s great recession. Look at The Great Depression. Look at Bush’s Great Recession. They are all done by lowering taxes on the rich and raising taxes on the middle class. Of course it also helps to cut back on regulations and stop enforcing others.

So, you can expect to start seeing more and more zombies spewing the GOP talking points here but never staying around long enough to actually discuss the issues. They’re paid shills by the billionaires to get uneducated and uninformed followers.

Get ready!