Nevada’s Dean Heller Votes Against Americans Again

Nevada’s Dean Heller Votes Against Americans Again
David Schlecht

[Updated below]

Nevada’s senator voted for the Blunt amendment, today, you know, the law that would have allowed employers to restrict you from any medical procedures just because he didn’t agree with them. You know, like paying for a witch-doctor but not for lab work. Or not paying for birth control because all women should be barefoot and pregnant.

The amendment almost passed. It lost by a 51/48 margin. And, you know what, Nevada? Your representative, Dean Heller, sold you down the river. Lucky for us, the rest of the nation’s senators came to their senses.

It’s time to replace or recall Dean Heller. Bad for Nevada. Bad for America.

The Blunt Amendment would allow an employer to enact Shira law in his workplace. The blatant Republican ignorance has supported the Shira laws they so pretend to fear and loath. This idiot, Heller, seems too ignorant for even Nevada voters to support.

3 thoughts on “Nevada’s Dean Heller Votes Against Americans Again”

  1. What a scumbag. These people don’t even pretend to represent their people. They just represent special interests and big contributors. He needs to be recalled or voted out.

  2. Nevada seems to come in last in everything that is important. I read just recently that they’re one of the worst states to live in. They have the lowest satisfaction index because the community doesn’t take care of itself. I guess they get what they deserve until they quit electing the loser republicans.

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