Pro-Christian Anti-Christian

Pro-Christian Anti-Christian
Paul Johnson.

If you were to create an organization that was the opposite of Christian, what would it look like? One easy approach is to look at all the things that were important to Jesus and oppose them.

Jesus spent most of his life helping the poor, feeding the poor, clothing the poor, or today would be housing the poor, healing the poor and the sick. He was against mixing church and state. He told his people not to show boast about their faith. He showed humanity and justice for the imprisoned. He opposed wealth and lived a life free of greed.

What other things can you come up with that were important to Jesus? He mentioned gays hardly ever so it’s not something worth associating with Jesus. There was no such thing as abortion in those days so you can interpret anything you want but if it was important to Jesus it would be obvious to all. But, he never talks of abortion.

Go ahead and think up any more things that were important enough to Jesus that he spoke of them often.

So, now we can outline the things that would make an organization anti-Christian.

What other things do you think would characterize an anti-Christian party?

7 thoughts on “Pro-Christian Anti-Christian”

  1. This is hilarious. You’re so right. The republican party is the anti-christian party. When will the republicans start to think about these issues and wonder why they’re voting for the anti-christ? We are starting to see the churches wake up to these facts and abandon the republican party. But it’ll be a bitter pill to admit that they’ve been wrong.

  2. I’ve got news for you, Jesus was for the working class and he would obviously have supported unions.

  3. Every politician that ends a speech with, “… and God bless America” is just pandering to the unChristians who want an unholy alliance between church and state.

  4. These facts can’t be disputed, so the Republicans just have to change the subject. Hey, look over there. A pony.

    1. I love humor set to diffuse the egregious wrongdoings of any person or party, proletariat and plutocratic alike.

      Wealth and Power provides for the time and position to exclaim loudly whatever rhetoric supports a favorable position. That position often is one that is antithetical to any in the best interest of the people.

      The advantage of the uber-rich is a direct result of the leisure that their privilege affords. Would the poor, huddled masses have the same spare time their voices would be heard and their needs would be met.

      Instead, the overwhelming majority of Americans of all races, backgrounds, and origins who now, in a struggling economy, or have always been burdened with the efforts required just to survive in a day-in-day-out, paycheck to paycheck world, are being leveraged by a small group of primarily disconnected, pious, and affluent Anglo-Saxon men snatching what they must view as their opportunity in history to take over power for the good of themselves and not the country.

      When we the people, upon whose back this country does rely, choose to not provide for our families but instead choose to rise up against the oppression and would be oppressors, or in our infinite abilities find a unique and clever way to do both, we would undoubtedly see a swift quieting of these charlatans as they beat a swift retreat back to the comfortable and protected excess they call home. We are not an obsequious, disjointed group of citizens. This fact is one clearly not entertained by some generating the inflated egos and delusions of self-importance that will one day become the cornerstone of their demise.

      It is the very fact that we Americans love our families for whom we will work tirelessly to provide for, that this day is upon us now and this infinitesimally small and steadfastly orthodox group chooses this moment in time to act for the good of only themselves proselytizing to the air and so far taking ground only by default.

      Beware when the cacophony would finally give rise to the sundry masses and sleeping giant, as they are neither somnolent nor discordant. They – we, are quite aware, we can read the writing on the wall, and we are a committed and worthy power. Not to country first but to family first for they have not yet destroyed our trust.

      Still be assured there will be no government here that treads upon the equal liberties for all for any substantial period of time before it will be overthrown. Our history proves this and so it shall be again when we are finally pushed too far. The question is not if but when, not how, but how bloody. Note: No ponies were hurt in the making of this diatribe.

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