The Republican War on Women

The Republican War on Women
Matthew K.

What is up with the Republican war on women? It makes no sense for the aggressive frontal attack on women and their rights. The war against their right to decide with their doctors what is the best thing for them, or the war against other medical necessities.

Many in the party have the attitude that women should just shut up and sit in the back of the bus with their heads covered.

It seems the party is so far out of the mainstream that they can no longer hide it.

2 thoughts on “The Republican War on Women”

  1. What war on women? Rush is Right about all ‘dem hoes that think they should be allowed to vote or have medical coverage. Yes to Viagra and down with pesky birth control pills. What a backward party. Rush Limbaugh perfectly represents the republican party and now they get a good look at themselves.

  2. The war against the women is obvious but it’s more an outright frontal attack on America. They hate women, blacks, hispanics, muslims, Iranians, liberals, the lazy and poor, the old and sick. Why does anyone vote for these criminals? It’s the marketing. Just got to keep them riled up about something.

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