America is Ruled by Kings

America is Ruled by Kings
Dave Speck

No, I’m not talking about corporate kings, though that is a serious problem with American politics, today, but I”m talking about the Supreme Court, or more commonly known as the Roberts Court.

Nowhere does our constitution say that the Supreme Court has the authority to overrule the other two branches of government. Nowhere!

So, what are they doing telling the voters who have voted for health care reform that we can’t have it because their insurance industry overlords don’t want it? I don’t care what the insurance companies want. What matters is what the voters want.

It’s criminal , the condition of our Supreme court and it’s time we started electing some democrats who can appoint some judges and start impeaching the criminals that are now there.

The Supreme Court has no right to be telling us ,the voters, what is constitutional.That’s why we elect representatives and we don’t elect the court.

What is this so hard for them to understand? The Supreme Court was supposed to be the weakest of the three branches of government and now it’s like America is ruled by nine kings and queens and what the voting public wants doesn’t matter.

How did America get this screwed up?

America is Ruled by Kings

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  1. I would say that is pretty obvious after the judge demanded that Obama explain himself in a three page single spaced document. What kind of kings do they think they are? I can understand Obama acquiescing since it’s an election year but letting the bullies get away with it only emboldens them. I wish he had stood up to them. America needs to stop the judicial activism that has become the Republican party. This is a might appropriate read from Truthout.

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