The Republican Alternative to Obamacare

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare
Matthew K.

Everyone recognizes the Republican strategy these days. It’s all about winning the next election. It has nothing to do with actually solving our current problems. It is about winning the next election and nothing more.


Tell me, what is the Republican alternative to Obamacare? If they weren’t just trying to screw the country for the sake of making Obama look bad, they would actually be out there trying to fix our broken health care system.

But, are they?

Of course not. They have no credible plan to fix this broken system. They want to destroy what little Obama has done to fix this system and then leave it broken.

We are losing this country to the billionaires and the corporations and the Republican party wants to help us along the way. Cut more benefits and health care reforms to the average Americans and give more benefits and money and tax breaks to the rich. Cut out regulations that create jobs and save lives so the corporations can make more money.

But, America is waking up. We are all beginning to get out and talk to our neighbors. We’re waking up our Republican inlaws. We starting to take our country back. But we will only succeed when we can turn off the propaganda from the 1%. Turn off Fox. Turn off hate radio. If your church talks about voting for the anti-christian party, get up and walk out.

America is waking up!