What is Happening to America?

What is Happening to America?

Matthew K.

No matter how much you hear on Fox news about how we need to give more tax breaks to the rich and how providing services to the poor is just Fascism, or is it Communism, or is it Socialism, Americans are waking up to the reality that we’re rushing headlong into being a country we don’t want to be and certainly one our forefathers never imagined we’d be embracing.

But with Socialism and Fascism and Communism being used as scare words to influence the weak minded, the words are losing their meanings. That’s a bad thing. If we don’t know what they mean, how can we know what aspects we need to avoid? Just avoiding them because it’s a word the media is using, isn’t a smart way to be.

The previous article about the differences between socialism, fascism, and communism is a great read. I only wish there was more room to do a full blown comparison. Maybe I’ll find some time to add my two cents. In fact, everyone reading these pages should be talking about this. How can we avoid Fascism if we don’t really know what it is? Why should we avoid Communism if we don’t really know what it means? Were our forefathers really Socialists?

We can only vote to make this country better when we understand these things. Read the previous posts and get a handle on the definitions and on the pros and cons of each. And more than anything, turn off the corporate news that is only trying to blur the difference between them and make them all sound like bad words, rather than failed or successful governments.

And, lastly, I can’t express enough how important it is to realize that there is a difference between a financial model of each of these and the model of government. In other words, what is socialism as a government? It is nothing. Socialism is a set of policies, not a form of governing the people. Dictatorships and Oligarchies (today’s America), and democracies are governments.