Expect More

Expect More
David Schlecht

Americans have gotten in a destructive habit of expecting their government to be less and less capable. Every time we see our representatives do something even worse than the last, we just shrug our shoulders and say we’re not surprised.

Believe America’s founding fathers would have been surprised. And they would have been surprised enough to do something about it. When we say we’re not surprised, we don’t do anything about it and things just continue to get worse and worse.

Look around. You can see this to be true.

Start expecting the type of government we deserve and start deserving the government you want. Get involved. Call, write, show up.

But, most important of all, TURN OFF THE TEEVEE.

The corporate news in this country is owned by just a handful of people and their interests are not in line with America’s.

Expect your representatives to represent you and never ever take the side of big business over those of the people. Expect your supreme court to decide cases in the best interest of the people and never ever in the best interest of Citizens’ United.

And, when your government doesn’t do as you expect, get mad. Do something.