Is Conservatism a Natural State of Human Nature

Is Conservatism a Natural State of Human Nature

Paul J.

Most everyone who has studied American history knows that America was built primarily by what was called barn builders. Entire communities got together to help out their neighbors. When someone’s barn burned down, the whole town would get together and chip in a board or a tool and some elbow grease to help build a new one.

America was built on the opposite of the Greed is Good Conservative mindset. But what about Human Nature? Is Greed over Community a natural state for man?

Think of a small community of cave men. If it was natural for the community members to take more than they contributed to the community, the community would die. This is true for any human community of any size. A small town will die if everyone takes a little more away from the town than they contribute. A country will crumble if people take even the slightest little bit more than they contribute.

However, a town, a nation, and a world will flourish if everyone puts in just a little more than they take.

So, a small clan of cave men would only survive if people put in more than they took back.

The only cavemen clans that survived were those who didn’t have conservative leaches sucking the vitality out of the society. Any greedy conservative would spell the denise of the clan and those defective personality traits would be cleaned from the gene pool.

Sure, in the short term, ruthless clans will be able to steal the wealth from the others, like America’s rich have stolen the nations wealth from the rest. But this condition never lasts. Every greedy empire falls. Why? Because greed and conservative policies don’t work in the real world.

The personality defect known as conservatism is not natural in mankind.