America a Christian Nation

America a Christian Nation

Paul J.

Ever wonder if America was founded as a Christian nation? Ever heard that we must be since we are founded on Christian values? Well, if someone said it must be, well, then it must be.

If you are not so inclined to believe just anyone about such a grand assertion, you’re probably wondering where you can find information on the issue. Well, of course, you can find it right here. But, why stop there? Why not read the actual words of America’s founding fathers?

Here is a link to Thomas Paine’s works. See what he says and then come back here and tell me you believe America is a Christian nation.

7 thoughts on “America a Christian Nation”

  1. Thanks for the link to Age of Reason. A great read and quite short. While googling it, I also ran across the Christian rebuttal, by RIGHT REV. RICHARD WATSON, D.D. LATE LORD OF LANDAFF, penned way back in 1796. The rebuttal reeks of today’s Christian morals by wishing that Paine had died before he had the chance to write is research. Tell me that doesn’t smack of today’s Christians wishing death upon their president and elected representatives. Having read the Bible and Age of Reason, I see where they get their morals from. Family values indeed.

  2. Oh, yes, it’s a short read but it takes a couple minutes to get used to his 1796 style of writing.

  3. I’m afraid you are expecting fabulous miracles if you are hoping sheeple mired in their immoral beliefs will change their world views and there perspective of the 6,000 year old universe just by reading facts or proofs or anything logical. 🙂

  4. I take offense to the attack on my religion and the disrespecting tone of these comments. Is this really an example of YOUR superior morals? No thank you.

    And to your original question, YES, America is a Christian nation. The majority of us are Christians and our numbers grow daily while yours are shrinking into nothingness.

    1. Really? You are upset because someone suggests that you might be wrong? The blind will never see if they refuse to open their eyes. Be offended! Get outraged! Research your beliefs and see if you still believe so blindly. I believe but only because I have researched. God does not want blind ignorant sheep, too lazy or frightened to question their own beliefs.

  5. Thank you for suggesting the rebuttal by Landaff. His rebuttal is about as blind-sided as one would find. Not only does he refuse to see or even consider the obvious, but he prides himself in the narrowness of his blinders. 1. It’s okay to obliterate an entire society, women, and children, young and old, because you think they live an evil lifestyle. You mean they don’t require the women to wear scarves? Tolerate differences like gays? Liberals? Yes, indeed, a “just” god would gladly tell a sociopath to go kill ever one of them, or so a sociopath would believe. 2. Anonymous texts we can validate today are just as believable as anonymous and fabulous texts from before the times of Jesus. Blind much? 3. Go read the two texts yourself. Paine and Landaff have a good discussion over matters of paramount importance to mankind, today.

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