We’re Fighting Over the Table Scraps

We’re Fighting Over the Table Scraps
David Schlecht

Today I saw an awful display of media failure. On the local KRNV news station, there was a story about a “Taxpayer Watchdog Group” uncovering millions of dollars of waste in Nevada government. However, the news failed to report that the facts that were uncovered were totally incorrect and what’s most important is that the taxpayer group was actually a front group funded by millionaires and billionaires.

Ask yourself, why would the 1% want to put out fake news stories about government employees’ benefits?

How do the 1% benefit when we’re all fighting among ourselves over the table scraps left over from them raping and pillaging America?

For most of my readers, I’m sure you already know the answer. They benefit by having us divided and fighting among ourselves rather than us sticking together and demanding that they give back the trillions of dollars they’ve stolen from us over the past 30 years.

If we’re all fighting over who makes a dollar more in retirement than we do while someone else is arguing that I make a dollar more than they do in wages, then we all end up with less and the 1% end up with everything.

There should be no question that this is exactly where we are today, fighting over the scraps left over from the 1%.

It’s time we quit listening to their fake news stories about how the teachers are bad or the union workers are bad or how the government workers are bad or how the (insert your industry here) is bad.

Watch out for any organization you hear with warm and fuzzy names like Americans for a better this or that. Look them up and you’ll find that almost all of them are poisenous front groups for the 1% intent on destroying and stealing from what’s left of America’s middle class.


2 thoughts on “We’re Fighting Over the Table Scraps”

  1. Wow, what a bunch of scum. You are right, the’ve got us fighting amongst ourselves. United we stand. That’s the only way we can take back our country from the greedy.

  2. We should all be asking why “we’re” not getting paid extra rather than expecting others to be paid less. That’s just really stupid.

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