Obamas commin for ur guns fools

Obamas commin for ur guns fools
David Schlecht

If you’re not foolish enough to watch or believe Fox News, then you probably don’t know about the conspiracy theory they are ginning up. This one is as far fetched and unbelievable as any you will ever hear but the right wing universe is chock full of true believers.

Fox News has daily stories about how Obama and Holder have concocted a plan to give guns to the Mexicans so they can come to America and commit crimes. Then America will be so upset with gun violence that they all want to give up their guns. And then the two black men in the White House will send all the white people off to FEMA concentration camps.

There’ll probably even be ovens.

I know, I know, no sane person would believe such a foolish notion. But the right is plum full of really smart people standing in lines to buy guns and ammunition to defend against the coming holocaust against the whites.

Does that sound pretty silly to you? Well, the Republican party is moving forward with contempt of congress allegations against Eric Holder. Next will come impeachment hearings against Obama.

It’s sad to see such gullible frightened little people being used by the Republican party. So very sad.

Of course, the accusations will go nowhere because the plan to give guns to Mexico was a plan created and started by the Bush administration. What? You mean it’s not an Obama plot to take over the whites? Really? Oh, I can’t believe it.

Well, if you watch Fox News, you probably do believe it, and shame on you. For the vast majority of Americans, you probably don’t even know what this whole thing is all about because you don’t watch Fox lies.

But, get ready. It’s coming your way. America is about to be disgraced by the Republicans again, just like with Clinton.

How can anyone with a brain vote for a single Republican? The party is a disgrace on America and is doing more harm to our country than any enemy could ever do.

Oh, by the way, the conspiracy is called Fast and Furious.

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  1. These fools vote in huge numbers. No wonder this country is so screwed up. We have to get even more of the rest of us registered and out there voting and getting active in other activist activities. Run for local dog catcher, become a precinct committee man or woman. Talk to your neighbors.

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