What do you Love and Hate About Obamacare?

What do you Love and Hate About Obamacare?
David Schlecht

Now that Obamacare is law, what do think of it? I know there are a lot of lies going around about this much needed but insufficient fix to our broken health care system. In fact, I just saw a commercial on my TV which must have cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars with nothing but lies about how it will cost [the average] America trillions of dollars. Lies. It will save the average American thousands of dollars each year, each of us!

But, never mind the lies for now. Do you love or hate Obamacare?

Here is a simple poll. Tell us what parts of Obamacare you love and hate.

For a list of many of the benefits of Obamacare, go here.

Leave a comment if I’ve missed any important issues and I’ll add them.

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