It’s Time to Stand Up

It’s Time to Stand Up

Dave Speck

We have all been silently rolling our eyes at the tragic nonsense coming from the other side expecting that they will quickly realize how insane their comments are. But our silence has only made us complicit in their folly.

It’s time every one of us started standing up and calling out the fools destroying our country, known as the Republican party and the conservatives.

We can no longer afford to be silent when they come up with immature and asinine ideas like saying more shooters in the dark theater in Colorado would have saved lives. That’s just downright ignorant. More shooters would have meant more innocent deaths. It’s time you and I started countering those sick perspectives before they infect anyone else.

When we’re silent, we are purposely allowing the conservative sickness to spread.

When a Republican presidential candidate goes over seas to prostitute himself for donations is so obviously selling out his own country, but you and I sit by silently, amazed that the other side doesn’t come to their senses.

They will never come to their senses as long as we are silent. They will only continue to infect others who might start to believe the endless barrage of lies from the party.

Enough is enough! Stand up and fight against the idiotic ideas coming from the Republicans.

America can’t afford for us to sit idle another minute.