Stop the Racism

Stop the Racism
David Schlecht

It is obvious by now that the Romney campaign has gone full-tilt boogie on getting out the racist vote. There is no end to the racist attacks against Americans and America’s president.

When will the Republican voters hold themselves above this disgusting display of hatred?

Your Republican party is calling America’s president, all our president, a foreigner, an “other”, they’re saying everything short of screaming that there’s a black man in the WHITE house.

I know you see it every day and I know that most Republicans try, consciously try to ignore the immoral display of bigotry, but you can’t ignore it any longer, Republicans.

Do something about it. Reject it from your party. Look for it and complain about it when you see it.

You are above this kind of awful display of hatred and America is above it. Now start acting like it, Republicans.

Stop the bigotry.