The Media Wakes Up

The Media Wakes Up
Dave Speck

Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention was so chock full of lies that it would make a normal man blush. No one is too surprised to see more lies.

But what’s wonderful to see is that the media, including the Republican mouthpiece, Fox, is calling it lies, deceit, and falsehoods.

It’s about time. Way to go, corporate media. Let’s all wake up now to the nightmare facing America.

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The War on Women

The War on Women
David Schlecht

With the Republican war on women in full swing, why are there still any women debasing themselves all the way down to voting for the Republicans?

Why aren’t the women of America coming out of the woodwork and objecting to this war, to this mistreatment?

Do American women believe they don’t deserve better? Do they agree with the Republicans that women should have no say in what goes on in the country? With their own bodies? With their medical decisions?

Heck, maybe they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote anymore.

You know in your hearts that it will eventually come to this if you don’t start standing up right now, today, and saying you’re mad as Hell and you’re not going to take this any more.

By the way, do you ever wonder what Romney’s hiding in his taxes that he’s afraid to let the voters see what’s in them?

Another Republican Great Depression

Another Republican Great Depression
David Schlecht

Back in the 1940s, the Republicans were lying up a storm about how it wasn’t their three administrations in a row that caused the great depression of the 1920s but rather it was somehow not their fault but the Democrats’ fault.

The Republicans were shunned from political office and the Democrats fixed the economy and we had the greatest growth the country has ever seen.

The Republicans and their policies have caused another Republican Great Depression but fortunately, America kicked them out of office right away, at least the administration. This allowed us to prevent the depth of the depression of the 1920s but we still  have Republicans controlling too much of the Congress and all of the Supreme Court so we are not yet able to dig ourselves out of this Republican Depression.

Now the Republicans are lying again, just like in the 1940s, about how it’s all the Democrats’ fault. Hopefully America will, yet again, expel the Republicans long enough for us to get their mess fixed.

Back in the 1940s we had a president that wasn’t afraid to call the liars what they are. But will Obama show such courage? We need it.

The Trust Me Candidate

The Trust Me Candidate

Dave Speck

So now Romney is saying, oh, just believe me that I’ve been paying 13% taxes for the past ten years.

Really? A whopping 13%? Shameful.

But, more shameful than that is that we know not to believe Romney. He’s been the most deceitful candidate for president in our generation. Gee, no reason to doubt him when he says trust me. Right?

The Trouble With Conservative Policies

The Trouble With Conservative Policies
Captain Jack

Look back over America’s history and you will see that without fail, the country does much worse under Conservative rule.

Most of the good things that have come to America have come from the Democrats and most of the disasters have come from the Conservatives. All the the past three economic disasters have come during 1. The three conservative presidents in a row bringing the Great Depression, 2. Ronald Reagan and the S&L collapse, and 3. The disaster known as the Bush presidency, two illegal wars, no exit plans, trade center attacks, second Republican Great Depression, and the list just goes on and on.

What good things came from the Democrats? The end of WWII, Child Labor laws, the 40 hour work week, the rights of workers, Environmental Protections, Health care system. Oh, and by the way, the Conservatives fought tooth and nail against everything the Democrats have brought us.

But, alas, this is not an us vs them screed. This is a factual investigation into why Conservative rule is ALWAYS bad for America.

What are the characteristics of a Liberal politician? If you’re a Conservative, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the phrase, “wishy washy.” Well, you’re on the right track. Liberals are known for changing their minds when the facts change.

What is the characteristic of a Conservative politician? Most people would say, dogmatic, rigid, slow or unwilling to change, authoritarians, whether they’re right or wrong.

This mental shortcoming is exactly what makes Conservatives such lousy politicians. They are unable to accept new information and change their views when they’re proven to be wrong.

Some of the many examples of today’s broken and defective Conservative mindset include the following “truths” which, by the way, have all been disproven with real facts. But the facts don’t matter because the Conservative is unable to change his mind when he’s wrong. Do these sound like Conservative truths?

  • Obama’s a Muslim
  • Obama’s not the real president
  • Obama hasn’t shown us his real birth certificate
  • Obamacare puts the government between you and your doctor
  • The wealthy are the job creators
  • Death Sqauds
  • There ain’t no global warming
  • The earth is 6,000 years old

The list is as long as your arm but these are a few of the more blatant ignorant facts the Conservative mind can’t let go of.

When you have Conservative politicians unable to learn from their mistakes or unwilling to learn from text books about evolution, global warming, economics, or whatever, you can never expect them to make the right choices. And the bad choices they make over and over always eventually lead to disaster for America.

Do yourself and America a favor. Don’t ever ever vote for a Conservative candidate, ever. If America is to learn from our mistakes, we have to get rid of the Conservative mental disorder from our politics. We have to learn from our mistakes, which Conservative politicians are unable to do.

Carbon Sinks

Carbon Sinks
David Schlecht

Ever wonder where all the continent-size coal fields came from? Ever wonder where all the oceans of oil came from? Ever wonder about the term fossil fuels? Let’s look into these issues for a quick trip down memory lane.

Oil is the ancient remnants (fossils) of carbon-rich microbes. Not just one or two, but oceans full of them. Where did they go? Why don’t we see anything even closely duplicating that today?

Coal is the ancient remains of carbon-rich plants. We don’t see any plants like that leaving behind any coal for us today.

Why? Where have all the fossil fuel sources gone?

Just like we would be unable to live on the earth during those days, those plants and microbes are unable to live on today’s Earth.

Millions of years ago the earth was a very different place, so different, in fact, that you and I would not be able to breath there.  The CO2 in the atmosphere was over 1,000 ppm (parts per million). We wouldn’t survive.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution the CO2 in our air was about 280 ppm. Right now, we’re just under 400 ppm.

When the air was rich in CO2, there was an abundance of plants and microbes that metabolized the carbon and the fossils of these became carbon sinks, sinking oceans of carbon in oil fields and continents of carbon in coal fields, under the surface of the earth. These are huge carbon sinks that helped remove the carbon from the air, making it possible for you and me to breathe, making it possible for most of the plants and animals we see today, to exist.

As we burn up these carbon sinks in our gas tanks and in our power plants, we are returning to the atmosphere the rich abundance of carbon that will make Earth a place in which we can no longer live.

We all know that humans will stop this foolish mistake of returning the carbon to our airs long before it’s too late. But, there are many other carbon sinks in the world that will automatically release their carbon just by the earth warming up.

As hard as it may be to believe, it is possible that our world could change into a planet inhospitable to life as we know it and after a point, there may not be a darned thing we can do about it.