The Trust Me Candidate

The Trust Me Candidate

Dave Speck

So now Romney is saying, oh, just believe me that I’ve been paying 13% taxes for the past ten years.

Really? A whopping 13%? Shameful.

But, more shameful than that is that we know not to believe Romney. He’s been the most deceitful candidate for president in our generation. Gee, no reason to doubt him when he says trust me. Right?

4 thoughts on “The Trust Me Candidate”

  1. The Republicans have completely dropped their disguise. Their foolishness and greed is now a badge of honor they wear on their cuff-links.

    How do you think they expect to win an election with these policies that the vast majority of Americans hate?

    I’ll tell you how. They plan to disenfranchise as many voters as they can with their make-believe voter ID laws and they expect to get the rest of the fools voting against their own best interests by spending millions of dollars on fallacious advertisements. Thank you, Supreme Court for Citizens United.

    It’s important that we get Obama re-elected if for no other reason than to clean the crooks out of the Supreme Court.

    1. I just loved this comment. That’s the definition I always knew, trust me equates to eff you, and that is exactly what R&R are saying to the American people. Eff You!

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