Another Republican Great Depression

Another Republican Great Depression
David Schlecht

Back in the 1940s, the Republicans were lying up a storm about how it wasn’t their three administrations in a row that caused the great depression of the 1920s but rather it was somehow not their fault but the Democrats’ fault.

The Republicans were shunned from political office and the Democrats fixed the economy and we had the greatest growth the country has ever seen.

The Republicans and their policies have caused another Republican Great Depression but fortunately, America kicked them out of office right away, at least the administration. This allowed us to prevent the depth of the depression of the 1920s but we stillĀ  have Republicans controlling too much of the Congress and all of the Supreme Court so we are not yet able to dig ourselves out of this Republican Depression.

Now the Republicans are lying again, just like in the 1940s, about how it’s all the Democrats’ fault. Hopefully America will, yet again, expel the Republicans long enough for us to get their mess fixed.

Back in the 1940s we had a president that wasn’t afraid to call the liars what they are. But will Obama show such courage? We need it.