The War on Women

The War on Women
David Schlecht

With the Republican war on women in full swing, why are there still any women debasing themselves all the way down to voting for the Republicans?

Why aren’t the women of America coming out of the woodwork and objecting to this war, to this mistreatment?

Do American women believe they don’t deserve better? Do they agree with the Republicans that women should have no say in what goes on in the country? With their own bodies? With their medical decisions?

Heck, maybe they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote anymore.

You know in your hearts that it will eventually come to this if you don’t start standing up right now, today, and saying you’re mad as Hell and you’re not going to take this any more.

By the way, do you ever wonder what Romney’s hiding in his taxes that he’s afraid to let the voters see what’s in them?

3 thoughts on “The War on Women”

  1. Have you seen the Republican party platform this year? It’s grizzly. They want to pass an amendment to the constitution giving citizenship to eggs and sperms at conception. Does everyone realize how awful this really is?

    This means that a woman who has a miscarriage is subject to being convicted of murder. Got that? You get raped and you think the nightmare is over, but then you get pregnant, you miscarry, and you go to prison for murder.

    The poor 13-year old who got raped by her father and got pregnant will now be stoned to death with the Republicans who voted for this right along side the Taliban.

    Americans, men and women alike have to get involved and put a stop to this regression to the Dark Ages. Tell everyone you know to get registered and vote.

  2. It is obvious to everyone that the Republican party has been taken over by Fundamentalists. The party is gone, but the Republican followers will continue to vote for their team no matter how destructive it becomes. So what if the party wants to destroy everything that America stands for, they’ll vote for their team to the end. That is why we all need to get out there and get everyone we know registered to vote. It’s not too late.

  3. I would have never believed I’d live to see the day when a political party in America was so hostile to the rights of women. It’s like we’re becoming a backward middle eastern country that stones women and treats us like cattle.

    America is better than this. Sadly, tho, the Republican party will only stop this witch hunt when they are forced to because all the women have left. And we should be leaving in droves.

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