The Media Wakes Up

The Media Wakes Up
Dave Speck

Ryan’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention was so chock full of lies that it would make a normal man blush. No one is too surprised to see more lies.

But what’s wonderful to see is that the media, including the Republican mouthpiece, Fox, is calling it lies, deceit, and falsehoods.

It’s about time. Way to go, corporate media. Let’s all wake up now to the nightmare facing America.

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4 thoughts on “The Media Wakes Up”

  1. The problem with the media can all be condensed down to one cause, consolidation. If we had hundreds or thousands of competing media outlets, they would be competing for viewers and be willing to ask the hard questions of the candidates. Right now, there are so few major media outlets, they don’t want to risk losing access to the candidates so they refuse to ask the hard questions or call out the lies.

    America is not a Democracy any more, it’s a government run by big business: big media, big donors, big PACs. It’s a Fascist government and it’s getting worse every election.

    We will never be able to fix this mess until we free up the media. That means breaking up all the monopolies.

  2. Don’t count on it lasting. I watched Stehpanopolis rant about the Democratic convention, last night. He, just like the rest of the Big Monopoly Media, is clueless about what matters most to America.

  3. The media and the ruling class is all about circus and bread. Keep the rabble occupied and a step above starved and they’ll be complacent. And, yes, we are. It’s time to leave the circus and turn off our TVs.

    The day after the DNC and all I heard on the new media all day was quotes from Romney. Why? The media needs to keep the race close in order to sell more tickets to the media circus.

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