Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?
Dave Speck

I know we’ve all heard the Republican party saying we’re so much worse off with Obama and the Republican voters conveniently forget that we were on the brink of another depression thanks to Bush. But, here are the headlines from just four short years ago. You know, the Republican era. My how things have changed!

STOCK SHOCK FELT ROUND THE WORLD. Gets ‘nasty’ as Lehman tanks, Merrill vanishes, AIG wobbles [New York Daily News, September 16, 2008]

Depression Coming? Boil Some Beans; Ladies Who Quilt Give Tips On Surviving Tough Times [Albuquerque Journal, September 21, 2008]

One day on the brink On Wednesday, it seemed U.S. economy might collapse [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 21, 2008]

‘Great Depression’ closer than U.S. admits, report finds [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 27, 2008]

Will Bush become the new Hoover? [Politico, September 19, 2008]

Developers bend under housing meltdown [Colorado Springs Gazette, September 27, 2008]

Depression seen possible [Florida News-Press, September 27, 2008]

Wall Street Meltdown Continues [CNN, September 17, 2008]

Is It Really the Next ‘Great Depression’? [NPR, September 19, 2008]

Behind Closed Doors, Warnings of Calamity [The New York Times, September 20, 2008]

3 thoughts on “Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?”

  1. That’s not even the right question. The real question America needs to be asking is are we better off than we were before the Reagan revolution? Has Trickle Down policies helped the average American? Has deregulation helped America? Have free trade agreements helped America? Has smaller government helped America? It’s not if we’re better than 4 years ago but are we better off than 30 years ago. The answer is a very loud NO!

  2. The Republicans will conveniently forget all about how bad it was, blinded by their hatred of Obama. Obama is not that great, maybe not even a good president in the great arch of history, but we survived the Trickle Down bull that the current Republican party is selling us. Now they want us to give them back the reins.

  3. We are, in some ways, much better off. We are no longer crashing into the next depression. But as a woman, we are considerably worse off than we were four years ago or 30 years ago. We have a political party this is openly hostile to the 51% of America who happen to be women. We women have lost a lot of our rights and are now the target of open hostilities from the Tea Party and the fundamentalist Christians, and yes, the Muslims. OH MY GOD, she’s showing her elbows. We are almost there thanks to the attacks from the Republicans and the invertebrate Democrats.

    Are we better off? I’m not so sure, but I absolutely don’t want to give the helm to those driving these attacks. No woman should vote Republican until they clean up their party.

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