I’m Tired of Both Parties Lying

I’m Tired of Both Parties Lying
Dave Speck

I heard a friend say, today, that, “I’m Tired of Both Parties Lying.”

He knows that the Republican party is lying at breathtaking levels right now. But the Republican voters think the Democrats are doing it too.

Well, as always, the media tries to paint a false equivalence but there just isn’t one. The Republican party is festered with deceit. Sure, you might find an exaggeration or two and even maybe a lie from some lone, unheard of Democrat. But it’s not polluting the Democratic party like it’s killing the Republican party.

There is no equivalence. Lying is the only way the Republicans can win. Their platform is against almost everything the majority of Americans want and need. So they can’t run on their programs and ideas, which means they have to run on their lies.

The Democratic party, on the other hand, supports positions that are in keeping with the vast majority of Americans.

  1. Does America want higher taxes for the middle class and no taxes for the Romney Rich? No, but the Republican party does.
  2. Does America want our medical industry disaster fixed? Of course they do. What do the Republicans want? Kill Obamacare. Oh, and they’ll replace it with something some day but they don’t know what and quit asking them.
  3. Does America want poisonous stinking polluting industries regulated? Of course they do. Do the Republicans? Well, no.
  4. Does America want the Free Trade agreements stopped? Do we want to start protecting our industries again? Of course we do and the Democrats have passed bills that would do just that but the Republicans have filibustered them to prevent them from even coming up for a vote.

It’s pretty obvious the Democrats don’t need to lie to get elected and it’s plain as the wart on Romney’s nose that he has to lie to hide his great plans for America

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  1. Just the fact that the Republican party is trying so hard to stop people from voting tells you all you need to know about how much they believe America supports their policies. No wonder they have to lie about their platform.

  2. I thought from the title this would be an article I could relate to, but by the second paragraph, you started taking sides. Both sides are misleading the voters. I do not think they are lying, I think they are interpreting the facts the way they see it and that is what you do in your four points. That is not what I see the Republicans want to do on any of the points you mentioned. Check out FactCheck.org on the five biggest lies from the first day of the DNC. Again, I do not think they were lying; the just took the facts out of context and presented it in a way that looked better for the Democrats.

    I work hard to listen past the rhetoric and get to the facts on both sides. I think the problem is that being a politician has become a profession rather than a service. I wish there was another alternative, our country works better when we stay in the center instead of right or left. When people get to far to the extreme, they cannot hear enough of what the other side is saying to even give it a chance.

    I seldom with any comments, but I thought you were doing just what you were complaining about. Honestly one party is no better than the other we need to find the common ground and work together.

    1. I’m sorry for John as he seems like another of those millions of people who are do deluded by corporate media. Contrary to what the media tells us, there really is only one set of facts. Presenting them in a way as to confuse the voters or worse yet to convince the voter that something other than the fact is true is a lie.

      Romney’s lies have been exposed so many times that there’s hardly any reason to even continue fact checking. Then, along comes Ryan.

      I went to factcheck.org and the obvious landslide shows the Republicans to be bald face liars. The first article I read was “Our Clinton Nightmare” where FactCheck admits that Clinton was factually correct with lots of facts present.

      No, John, there is no equivalency.

      And to say that the Republicans don’t want to do the things mentioned in the original post is sadly naive. Leaders of the Republican party have been quoted saying these things for a long time. Please wake up before it’s too late for America.

    2. Anyone referencing just a single fact checking site such as FactCheck must have missed a crucial fact. These sites can only stay viable if they try to paint both parties as factually incorrect. So it is a business requirement to find fault where none exist.

      Even more than Anonymous, before me, John’s comment about “facts” being spun by each side made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This old canard has been used so many times that it no longer has any meaning. There is only ONE set of facts. Facts can’t be argued. But, they can be spun. Take for example Romney’s lies about Obama stealing $700 billion from Medicare. It is such an obvious and outright lie but if he puts enough money behind the ads, there will be plenty of people, just like John, here, who will believe it.

      The fact: Obama saved $700 billion over 10 years in expenses in Medicare (mostly saved from payments to for-profit insurance companies and hospitals).
      The Lie: Obama stole $700 billion.

      See the difference? There is only one set of facts.

      I agree with Anonymous, this is very sad to see people so blinded by the corporate media and Fox News.

      1. Hey, Chuckie, you are right on the money. This search brings up the exact problem you are reporting. The fact checking sites, the ones that aren’t labeled as biased, all play the false equivalency game.

    3. John, you still there? I’ve been pondering your comment and would be so happy to believe that you’re right. Do you just “believe” that the Republican party is interested in what the vast majority of Americans are interested in or do you have references you can offer that might lift my spirits and my opinion of the Republican party?

      I truly want to believe you.

  3. The entire Republican party has not always been this corrupt, but they have had their problems, from the lies over war, Watergate, treason. There have always been a few bad actors in the party but it was never this corrupt.

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s be careful in the use of the term Republican. It seems obvious to me, from the numerous republicans I communicate with, that the typical republican voter does not agree with the platform of the official Republican party. When you mean “Republican Party” say party and when you don’t, then make that clear as well. The vast majority of republicans I know love this country just as much as everyone here. They just either refuse to accept/believe the current state of their party or they are willing to vote for their party over the best interests of the country because they believe that the end (certain Republican party policies) justifies the means (short term pain for America).

  5. Regardless of what Jack thought about this post, I thought it was brilliant. It’s just like you say. The media is interested in nothing but profits so truth doesn’t really matter. False equivalences is good for business, even if it’s bad for America.

    And the Republican party is so rotten anymore its stench is infecting the world’s view of America.

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