Union Membership Closely Tracks Income

Union Membership Closely Tracks Income

Matthew K.

The following two graphs tell us a world of information. First, the stronger the unions are in America, the better off America is. This means the middle class is better off. Remember, a middle class can only exist in a country where the government (We the People) protects and supports the unions. Look at how your pay has gone down as the unions have declined in America. What country are you leaving for your children?

Union membership versus Income

This next graph show in shocking detail where all the money has gone that is being taken from America’s workers. As the middle class income has fallen over the decades, America’s ultra wealthy have taken all of the money. This is just a sickness. And now these people want to run our country. Look at how your income has gone down while the billionaires income has gone up. There is a wealth redistribution going on and you and I are getting the shaft.

The top 1% are not sharing the money you and I are making for them.

3 thoughts on “Union Membership Closely Tracks Income”

  1. Reading comments to a previous post about the lying Republicans, these charts make me chuckle. If you’re a Republican, it’s obvious from the numbers that it’s the fault of the middle class that the rich have gotten so much richer. The rich should get another tax break just to make up for their awful suffering of being forced to get richer. 🙂

  2. All I hear from the Republicans is how awful unions are. They’re all criminal and they are the cause for all of Americas ills. If you didn’t know better, you would think that the Republicans were nothing but a mouthpiece for big business. The propaganda arm of the monopolies.

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