Paying Higher Taxes Saves You Money

Paying Higher Taxes Saves You Money
David Schlecht

This subject used to be taught in elementary and middle schools back in the days when America taught history and civics. What an awful thing to lose.

But, here’s the long and the short of it.

Paying more in taxes typically translates to paying less for other things. In the simple case, say everyone in America bought a $10 widget every month. If we all buy our widgets individually, we are at the mercy of the greedy free market. Eventually one widget maker will buy another who will buy another until there is only one widget maker left and he can charge what he wants.

If we all pooled our money and bought our widgets in bulk, we would not only have a substantial volume discount, but the widget maker would be able to make widgets for less because of the large volume, bringing the price of our widgets down even more.

Now, if we decide to unite as in “We The People” and pay $10 in taxes to pool our purchases, we now have tremendous bargaining power and if we want, we can even start creating our own widgets and getting them at cost.

So, in the end, we’re paying $6 in taxes and saving $10 on a widget, saving $4. That’s not just $4 but a whopping 40%.

But, of course, we don’t want our government making our widgets. But we sure don’t want a greedy insurance company deciding if we get the cancer treatment we need or not. This is a simple example of saving a whole lot of money by paying our tax dollars for our medical and taking the greed out of it entirely. In this case, we save a whole lot more than 40% but have better health care. You know? More Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The only people who don’t make out better when we pay higher taxes are the billionaires because they have their own police forces and their own fire services and they can put in a new sewer system whenever they need one. So paying taxes for everyone services costs them more. So, they hate the idea of higher taxes.

Oh, and yes, the widget makers don’t much like making less profit, either. 🙂