Are Both Parties Lying?

Are Both Parties Lying?
David Schlecht

In a recent post, Mr. Speck wrote regarding how this seems to be the new meme in the news. And, you know what? There are lots of people out there who will fall for the trick. Are both parties lying?

Ask yourself, if you were being called out on countless lies and you wanted to redirect the attention away from your lack of morals, what would you do? Well, if you were the Romney campaign, you would start saying the other guy is lying. That way Romney’s lies don’t seem so terrible.

Don’t believe the meme that both parties are lying.

Of course, I’m not saying that Romney couldn’t find a Democrat somewhere who lies. But it’s not a fundamental part of the Democratic party like lying is rooted in the Republican party.

This is not just a biased perspective. It is documented repeatedly.

The Republican argument they use to defend their lies is that it’s all just a matter of opinion. No, it’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of facts. There is only one set of facts. You can have a difference of opinion, but when you try to change the facts, it’s a lie. When it’s been pointed out to be a lie and Romney keeps repeating it, it can’t even be disguised as a mistake anymore.

Spend five minutes. Google “Romney lies” and then Google “Obama lies” and compare the differences.

When you hear that Obama took $700 billion dollars from Medicare, do the Republicans say it’s because he saved that much and that there is zero loss of Medicare coverage? It’s a plain and simple lie what the Republicans are saying.

The Republican party is so steeped in lies that they stink of it. But the “value voters” will vote for the enemy of America if they have to. They will vote for the party of lies.

So, that means that you and I have to make sure that every person we know is out there voting to counteract the party of lies and their value voters.