Nevada’s Dean Heller Voting Record and Positions

Nevada’s Dean Heller Voting Record and Positions

Dave Speck

You’re probably doing some last minute research and trying to decided what Nevadan candidate to vote for. If you’re looking for information on senator Dean Heller, you’ve come to the right place. Dean Heller is running for the Nevada State Senate seat.

Here are some of the issues which represent his proven track record. Remember, when deciding on who to vote for, you have to ignore the ads, forget the promises, and turn off the marketing. Look at his records to know what kind of representative he will be.

  1. Dean Heller not only opposes equal rights for all Americans, but he is funded by some of the most immoral anti LGBT fanatics buying our political process.
  2. Dean Heller, Romney, and other conservatives have received over a million dollars in secret money from organizations of religious fanatics. It’s an investment. What do they expect in return from Dean Heller?
  3. Dean Heller opposes Romney’s abandoning 47% of Americans and Romney’s calling us all names. But when it comes to his voting record, he never votes for the 47% but rather obstructs our votes. Read below.
  4. Dean Heller is sponsored by the those organizations that won’t want us to protect ourselves with responsible gun regulations. Dean heller is bought and paid for by those who would be glad to make a buck even if it means people in movie theaters get shot.
  5. Dean Heller is part of the organized attack on women’s rights. Heller votes against Paycheck Fairness legislation. No reason for second-class citizens (women) to be paid as much as men.
  6. Dean Heller is indebted to billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Who will he represent? Well certainly not the 47% who he has forgotten long ago.
  7. Dean Heller has done more than most other Republican to obstruct any efforts Americans have put forward to fix this country. Heller’s primary objective seems to be to thwart any progress at any cost to you and me. This is why our government doesn’t work. Do we need more of this?
  8. Dean Heller gets big donations from the big oil companies so he is opposed to the billion dollar multinational corporations having to pay their fair share of taxes. That means that you and I have to pay more in taxes to make up for the oil companies paying nothing and that’s just fine with Dean Heller


You Don’t Own Me

You Don’t Own Me
Matthew K

Check out this great short video on Youtube. You Don’t Own Me.

You should forward this link to every woman and girl you know and to ever other person who knows a woman and have them forward this to everyone they know.

Women in America are under attack like they have never been before and if we don’t stop this attack now, it will take us generations to get back here again.

Don’t let us slip backward. Send this link on to everyone you know.