Still Not Enough Jobs and Legitimate Rape

Still Not Enough Jobs and Legitimate Rape

Captain Jack

Paul Ryan supports legislation and has even submitted bills that would prevent women victims of rape from seeking abortions. But it’s not just rape, but Ryan wants to know it’s “legitimate rape”. In other words, he wants to know all the sordid details so he can decide if it was, say, deserved or maybe encouraged.

And if he can’t hear all the details, maybe it’ll be okay if the church elders decide if it’s legitimate rape or if the girl should be stoned to death for being an agent of Satin. Yes, Ryan wants to bring Shira law to America, dressed up with a cross.

Sure, he’s not running for president, but holy cow, he’s running for vice president and fools are considering voting for him.

But some people will say, meeh, let the women take care of themselves, I only care about the economy and it’s not good enough fast enough.

During the last depression, the country didn’t get back on track until the voters kicked out all the Republicans. We have’t done that yet and the Republican party is doing everything in their power to prevent the country from recovering from the last Republican administration.

The republicans have filibustered and obstructed more than any other Senate in the history of America.  At a time when we need them to work on solutions, they have been breaking all records of getting in the way. A record number of filibusters at a time like this.

Why would they do this?

Because they want to gain power and they can only do that by preventing the Democrats from succeeding in fixing this mess. And they have done a wonderful job of preventing any progress.

But, wouldn’t they worry that the voters would find out what they have been up to? No, my friends, they don’t worry about that at all because they know the stupid will believe what the conservative media has been telling them and Fox says it’s all Obama’s fault.