Both Candidates Suck, Why Bother Voting?

Both Candidates Suck, Why Bother Voting?
Matthew K.

I’ve heard this line a few times and always chuckle at it. This is a marketing approach intended to discourage people from voting. Take a moment and reflect on exactly what this means.

If both presidential candidates sucked, we would still be losing 700,000 jobs each and every month like we were the last time the Republicans were in charge. You know it’s not that bad now so where are you getting the idea that it is? I suspect that you need to turn off your TV for a couple days and spend a moment or two doing your homework.

You want a quick list of the things that Obama has done? Check it out. Want a quick list of the jobs that Romney has shipped over seas?

Remember, if you do nothing, we just could go back to losing 700,000 jobs a month. Is that really just as bad as having Obama as president?

Don’t believe the marketing. They aren’t even close to being the same.