Yeah Nevada, Way To Go

Yeah Nevada, Way To Go
David Schlecht

Congratulations Nevada, you just might have a chance of pulling yourselves out of the quagmire you find yourselves in. You voted against the Austerity presidential candidate.

Rather than dragging America down to your level, you’ve elected to put the country on a different path than yours.

Now, if you can just make those same decisions on your local elections and get the failed policies out of office.

This is not a political issue, this is an economic issue. You didn’t get were you are by following the mistaken policies of just one party.

But, it looks like Nevada is waking up.

We need to stop letting the elites, the leeches, ride free on our backs. It’s time the rich started paying their fair share. Did you know Microsoft is incorporated in Nevada rather than Washington so they don’t have to pay taxes? So who pays for the infrastructure that they use? You and I do, and the people of Washington. Does Microsoft? No.

This, Nevada, is the reason our state is in such sad shape. The rich get a free ride and the expenses fall on the backs of the true small businesses and on the rest of us tax payers.

We give tax breaks to the mines and other multinational corporations and expect the Nevada taxpayer to pick up the tab.

No more!

It’s time we started expecting the billionaires to pay for the 90% of our state’s expenses that they incur. It’s time their taxes paid for the roads their employees travel, and the roads their trucks use to deliver goods and provide them a profit. It’s time they paid for the court systems and all the other infrastructure they are using and expecting us to cover.

Yeah Nevada, it looks like you’re starting to wake up.

Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices

Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices
Matthew K.

No matter what the corporate media tells you about why Hostess is going broke, it’s not what you think.

Just like Romney’s Bain Capital, Hostess has been bought out by a Pirate Equity pump and dump company that makes money squeezing the life out of companies. Just like Bain, the Pirate Equity company makes money no matter what happens.

Hostess was closing down and they kept coming to the workers for one bail out after another, just so the millionaire pirates could get more money. The workers saw the writing on the wall and knew that there is no end to the sacrifices they would have to provide for the greedy who are never satisfied. Sound like Romney, anyone?

America, wake up! This is what happens when these parasitic companies pump and dump an otherwise profitable company.

The workers did the right thing and said enough is enough. If a company can’t pay a living wage (because they’ve been devoured by a Private Equity [Pirate Equity] company) then they shouldn’t be in business.

And, yes, hello Papa John’s, I’m talking to you too.

Fiscal Cliff and Spending Cuts

Fiscal Cliff and Spending Cuts

Matthew K.

What does it mean, fiscal cliff?

It sounds pretty scary, like the end of the world or something. But, in reality, it is nothing so drastic or scary. The term is just a marketing term to fool you into thinking emergency measures are needed. So what’s the worst that will happen when we reach the cliff. Nothing. Got that? Nothing.

But, if we all get scared by the hype and think that drastic cuts are necessary, then, yes indeed, bad things will happen, and the effects will be felt for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t just sit on our hands. We have to address the mess this country is in and this is the time to do it.

So, what spending cuts should we do?

To start with, no country has ever, EVER cut its way to prosperity. You might want to ponder that for a moment.

So if the solution isn’t to cut, then what do we do?

We do the same thing we did before when we were in debt to the tune of 125% of GDP, which is much worse than we are today. What we did then was we created jobs programs, we invested in infrastructure, we created the GI Bill that sent people to college for free.

That’s what we need to do this time. We need to do what has been proven to work.

But we still need to look at trimming our budget as well. We need to trim the things that aren’t investments in our country and our economy. We need to stop giving money and tax breaks to the rich and the multinational corporations.

This brings us to the real question. What is spending and what is an investment?

You already know the answer to that. If you go out and treat yourself to a nice hundred-dollar steak dinner, that’s spending that is gone the moment you pay for it. But, an investment, like money in the bank, is there for all time, bringing in more money every day.

Spending for a country is the same. If it’s not bringing in a return on investment, it’s spending. The biggest spending we do as a country is spend on our military. We spend more than the rest of the world combined.

And what sort of return do we get on all those bombs dropped? All those missiles fired? Nothing. We are spending, like a short term steak dinner, on almost every dollar we spend on the military.

Money spent on free education is an investment that returns money to our coffers for the entire lifetime of the student. How about social programs like social security? It has been shown that every dollar invested in the people of a country through social programs like Social Security and Medicare are returned at a rate of $1.27 for every dollar invested. That, my friends, is what’s called an investment.

We need to face this fiscal cliff as an opportunity to stop the big dinner spending spree of the military and move that money into investing in our people and in our roads and bridges and our future as a country.


United We Stand

United We Stand
Matthew K

What gives with the patriots crying about seceding  from the union since their loser lost?

The American way is to stick together, to resolve our differences, to find common ground.

The loser states tried to tuck tail and run once before, causing the civil war, and many good Americans died. Now some sore losers who are ignorant of their history are saying the same foolish things again. Wah, I didn’t get my way. I’m gonna take my toys and go home.

That’s not the American way, that’s the loser way.

Hate blacks? Too bad. Get over it. Hate the liberal foundations upon which this nation was founded? Get over it.

Want to tuck tail and run away again, rather than making our country stronger?

Real patriotic!


Surprising Election Results

Surprising Election Results
Captain Jack

Were you surprised by the election results? Were you expecting Romney to win? Were you expecting big wins for the Republicans?

Most Republicans were.

Why was the actual results so opposite what the Republicans expected?

The reason is simply enough that the Republicans are listening to and watching the conservative/Republican propaganda and the propaganda has gotten so bad the it’s downright false.

There’s no reason Fox news should have been celebrating the election of Romney weeks before the election. There were plenty of facts out there to, at the very least, give them pause. But, instead, they elected to lie to their viewers.

I’m sorry to break it to the Fox viewers, but you’ve been taken for a fool and the longer you watch Fox and conservative news and opinion, the more misinformed you will become.

Note the use of the term “misinformed.”

Fox viewers aren’t just ignorant of the facts, but are actually believing facts that just aren’t true. They’re being lied to.

And, the election is the most obvious example. Fox has been lying to you. They’ve been making fools of their viewers.

Did you make the mistake of believing them? Turn off Fox.

Obama Won, Now What?

Obama Won, Now What?
David Schlecht

So, Obama won so what’s next? The battle has just begun. It is time for every person who voted for Obama or Romney or anyone else to get involved in governing our country. After all, our democracy is supposed to be government BY THE PEOPLE.

Nowhere in the constitution will you find the word, leader. Why? Because we don’t elect leaders. We the people are the leaders and our representatives are supposed to follow our lead.

When we’re not there leading our representatives, the billionaires and the lobbyists are, all day long, every day, 24-7 poisoning the ears of our representatives. What are our representatives to think when they hear the lobbyists all day long but never hear from us until next election?

It should be obvious, it tells our representatives that we don’t give a darned what they do until right before next election.

There are a whole lot of important issues that all of us, all of We The People need fixing. Start by calling and writing your representatives at least weekly. Write letters to your newspaper. And get out there on the Internet and post comments on blogs or start a blog of your own.

So, what things would you like to see fixed? Make a list and check it off as you make a phone call or write a letter once each week. Get your family and neighbors to do the same. Find issues that affect all of America, not just the gun dealers’¬† lobby or just the billionaires, or just the church. Pick issues that will have the largest impact on America.

Here is a good list to get you started. Copy down the issues that you think we can fix together and start working on them. It’s easy and it’s fun to know you’re actually doing something that has a chance of helping.

  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Get money out of politics
  • Publicly funded elections
  • Stop the gridlock in the Senate
  • Retire the Electoral College
  • Get a broader range of political parties by fighting for Instant Runoff Voting
  • Open up our media to more diverse and unbiased programming
  • Stop voter suppression. Voting is a right.

This list is just a beginning. Take your favorites or throw them all away and start your own list. Leave a comment and tell us your list. And, start getting involved. Start directing your representatives to take care of OUR business, not the lobbyists’.

Dean Heller

Dean Heller
David Schlecht

If anyone looked at Dean Heller’s voting record, he would never get elected. But, it’s too bad that Nevadans don’t have time to really research their candidates so people like this get elected. Hey, Nevada, wake up. Check this guy out. He’s the last person you want to vote for.

Dean Heller has millions of dollars of money secretly funded by the billionaires and multinational corporations who want America to give up our hard earned taxes and services. And, Dean Heller is the worst kind of shill.

Vote out Dean Heller.