Obama Won, Now What?

Obama Won, Now What?
David Schlecht

So, Obama won so what’s next? The battle has just begun. It is time for every person who voted for Obama or Romney or anyone else to get involved in governing our country. After all, our democracy is supposed to be government BY THE PEOPLE.

Nowhere in the constitution will you find the word, leader. Why? Because we don’t elect leaders. We the people are the leaders and our representatives are supposed to follow our lead.

When we’re not there leading our representatives, the billionaires and the lobbyists are, all day long, every day, 24-7 poisoning the ears of our representatives. What are our representatives to think when they hear the lobbyists all day long but never hear from us until next election?

It should be obvious, it tells our representatives that we don’t give a darned what they do until right before next election.

There are a whole lot of important issues that all of us, all of We The People need fixing. Start by calling and writing your representatives at least weekly. Write letters to your newspaper. And get out there on the Internet and post comments on blogs or start a blog of your own.

So, what things would you like to see fixed? Make a list and check it off as you make a phone call or write a letter once each week. Get your family and neighbors to do the same. Find issues that affect all of America, not just the gun dealers’  lobby or just the billionaires, or just the church. Pick issues that will have the largest impact on America.

Here is a good list to get you started. Copy down the issues that you think we can fix together and start working on them. It’s easy and it’s fun to know you’re actually doing something that has a chance of helping.

  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Get money out of politics
  • Publicly funded elections
  • Stop the gridlock in the Senate
  • Retire the Electoral College
  • Get a broader range of political parties by fighting for Instant Runoff Voting
  • Open up our media to more diverse and unbiased programming
  • Stop voter suppression. Voting is a right.

This list is just a beginning. Take your favorites or throw them all away and start your own list. Leave a comment and tell us your list. And, start getting involved. Start directing your representatives to take care of OUR business, not the lobbyists’.