Surprising Election Results

Surprising Election Results
Captain Jack

Were you surprised by the election results? Were you expecting Romney to win? Were you expecting big wins for the Republicans?

Most Republicans were.

Why was the actual results so opposite what the Republicans expected?

The reason is simply enough that the Republicans are listening to and watching the conservative/Republican propaganda and the propaganda has gotten so bad the it’s downright false.

There’s no reason Fox news should have been celebrating the election of Romney weeks before the election. There were plenty of facts out there to, at the very least, give them pause. But, instead, they elected to lie to their viewers.

I’m sorry to break it to the Fox viewers, but you’ve been taken for a fool and the longer you watch Fox and conservative news and opinion, the more misinformed you will become.

Note the use of the term “misinformed.”

Fox viewers aren’t just ignorant of the facts, but are actually believing facts that just aren’t true. They’re being lied to.

And, the election is the most obvious example. Fox has been lying to you. They’ve been making fools of their viewers.

Did you make the mistake of believing them? Turn off Fox.

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  1. Obama’s Coming for your guns. I hear this all the times. It’s hard to believe anyone would believe this garbage but there is no shortage of fools voting republican.

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