Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices

Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices
Matthew K.

No matter what the corporate media tells you about why Hostess is going broke, it’s not what you think.

Just like Romney’s Bain Capital, Hostess has been bought out by a Pirate Equity pump and dump company that makes money squeezing the life out of companies. Just like Bain, the Pirate Equity company makes money no matter what happens.

Hostess was closing down and they kept coming to the workers for one bail out after another, just so the millionaire pirates could get more money. The workers saw the writing on the wall and knew that there is no end to the sacrifices they would have to provide for the greedy who are never satisfied. Sound like Romney, anyone?

America, wake up! This is what happens when these parasitic companies pump and dump an otherwise profitable company.

The workers did the right thing and said enough is enough. If a company can’t pay a living wage (because they’ve been devoured by a Private Equity [Pirate Equity] company) then they shouldn’t be in business.

And, yes, hello Papa John’s, I’m talking to you too.