U. S. Constitution and the Right To Bear Arms

U. S. Constitution and the Right To Bear Arms
David Schlecht

During the last presidential election, one candidate took the words of the other candidate out of context and made misleading and downright wrong assertions about the position of his opponent. This habit of purposely taking things out of context is common in today’s politics, but, it’s important we don’t get lackadaisical about accepting it.

Take for example the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution:

Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Make sure you read the whole thing.

There are two parts to this amendment. If the thrust of the amendment was that all Americans should bear arms to overthrow their government, don’t you think it would say that? After all, it says more than just that we shall have the right to bear arms.

In fact, it doesn’t even start with the right to bear arms part, it begins with the caveat that the government will not restrict a well regulated state militia.

Furthermore, this amendment does not provide for individuals to have guns, it says that the people (the state militia) must regulate the arms. In other words, the arms were expected to be kept in the armory, you know, like they did when the amendment was written.

It becomes obvious how the amendment can be misinterpreted when it is taken out of context. Why does the NRA and other gun nuts insist on taking this out of  context?

Where in here can anyone find even a hint that we are all entitled to unregulated arms, stockpiles of weapons our forefathers never imagined, at the time of the amendment?

The Supreme Court appointed George Bush contrary to the constitution. This was a blatant overstep on the part of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court makes more than their share of mistakes. And the Supreme Court has interpreted the constitution incorrectly on numerous occasions, such as saying the constitution gives corporations and oligarchs unlimited rights to sway our elections. Even an elementary school child knows better than this.

This same Supreme Court has found that the first part of the amendment does not mean what is says, that it mean nothing. But you and I know better. Few of us are as biased as the conservatives on the Supreme Court are.

So, what does the amendment mean to you? Is it a free-for-all?

How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?

How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?
Matthew K

We are all hearing how important it is to cut Social Security. You would think that the world will end if we don’t start letting little old ladies starve to death.

But in reality nothing is wrong with Social Security. Nothing!

Furthermore, changes to Social Security will not affect the nation’s budget, not one little bit. Even Reagan tried explaining this to everyone some thirty years ago.

Now, then, why are some Congress men beating the drums so hard to mess up Social Security? Do they not know what you and I know? Are they really that stupid? Of course not. So, why are they trying to use this opportunity to make such awful changes?

It is obvious to many of us, but if you find yourself wondering, here is why.

They want to destroy any government program that helps the poor.

Anyone who doesn’t want to help the poor is blatantly un American because America was founded to provide for the welfare of we the people. It’s the very first sentence of the constitution.

So, tell me why someone would be in support for welfare for the rich through lower taxes while opposing a self-funded program of social insurance for the rest of us?

I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t represent we the people. They represent those intent on converting America into their own personal cash cow.

They are the Republican party.


New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Dave Speck

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Here are a few you might want to consider.

  1. Contact your representatives about the important issue of the day. This gives you ONLY 52 things to fix and we all know there are more than that.
  2. Get involved in your local democratic party. Find out why this is so important
  3. Talk to your neighbors about the issues of the day, even the conservatives.
  4. Give what you can to Progressive organizations.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
by Dave Speck

Happy Holidays to all our visitors, new and old.

We all, here at Just-Say-Why, appreciate all the visits and feedback we’ve gotten over the past year.

May 2013 be a wonderful year for you, your family, and for America.

Who Won The Election?

Who Won The Election? – Updated –
Dave Speck

You won’t hear about this in the corrupt corporate news but the Democratic party won the past election, not just the presidential election, but also the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Then, why aren’t the Democrats in charge of all three? Because the do-nothing Republicans have used procedural trickery to prevent democracy, they have used Gerrymandering to redraw their states’ geography to prevent the will of the people.

America voted decidedly Democratic in this past election but we must do better. We have to get the Republicans out of the state governorships and state governments so America can clean up the deceit and trickery they are using to prevent our country from fixing ourselves.

Update 1:
The count is now up to 1.2 million more votes for Democrats for the House of Representatives than for Republicans, yet the Republicans control the House. Why?

Who Is To Blame For The Elementary School Shooting?

Who Is To Blame For The Elementary School Shooting?
Captain Jack

Reading today’s news makes me feel I no longer recognize America. This is not the country we grew up in. This is not the country our parents left for us. This is a strange and hostile land.

The only way we can fix this problem is if we come to grips with what and who has caused it. No one really believes this is just a single lone disaster, but is becoming the way of the new America. Sure, the shooter pulled the trigger but who put those guns and ammunition in his hands?

How long have you known we had a problem with gun violence? Years? Decades? When is the last time you did anything about it?

The guilt, the blood of all those school children is on our hands, yours and mine. We could have done something about this before it happened and we didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

Think of the last time you were with others, work, perhaps, or maybe church. Think of the people around you, the person to your left and the person to your right. Of the three of you, it would only have take one, just one, to make a big enough fuss to fix this. If only one of every three of us did something about this, it would have been fixed. That one person should have been you, it should have been me.

That would have been 100,000,000 people calling the president or calling our representatives. They would have heard us and would have done something about it.

Imagine if it wasn’t just one of the three, but two of the three. Two hundred million people in America expecting our representatives to fix this, it would be fixed overnight.

Sure, we can try to blame the one million people who believe the Conservative media like Fox news, but that’s just a drop in the bucket. What is one million gun nuts compared to hundreds of millions of the sane among us?

It’s hard to recognize this country when we find people getting elected who are foolish enough to think that more guns would have made this problem better. They’re just stupid. Sorry, there’s no other way to say it. And these fools get front booking on our media outlets. We even had a religious fanatic in the front of our televisions telling how it’s God’s will to murder those children because we don’t pray right or because we don’t stone our women who don’t cover their heads with scarves. Is this really America? What are these idiots doing on our news?

The idiots are there spewing their foolishness because it only takes one in three of us to put an end to it and we are just too damned lazy to do anything about it.

Sure, the shooter is the cause, sure, the gun nuts are responsible, the NRA makes money on these deaths, but more than anything, we are to blame because we’re too lazy to get involved.

Call your senators today, call the president. Tell them we’ve had enough and we’re not going to put up with this anymore. And call them again every week of the year.

Did you know it is easier to buy assault weapons than it is to get mental health care? When is the last time you read the second amendment? Does it say every kook out there is guaranteed a weapon? Of course not, but you won’t know unless you get involved.


Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Matthew K.

From David’s recent post regarding Nevada making the right decisions, I wanted to bring up a most obvious point that it seems most Nevadans miss: Right to Work means Right To Work For Less.

It is really just that simple.

Nevada is dead last in anything that matters like job safety, average income, happiness. And they’re first in all the things that are awful like poverty, childhood hunger, disease, workplace injuries.

What do these have to do with Right To Work laws? Everything! They have everything to do with a law that is intended to prevent workers from improving their working conditions. With no say in the workplace, workers get shafted more and more until there’s nothing left to steal from them.

And, that, Nevada, is where you find yourself today.

Repeal your Right to Work laws. Start today to organize petitions and get the vote on your next ballot. Repeal the law that is hurting Nevada the most.

Oh, and while I’m at it, let me congratulate you on waking up about the need to vote for a Democratic president.

Want to know the real facts about how much Right to Work is hurting Nevada? Check out these links:

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