Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Matthew K.

From David’s recent post regarding Nevada making the right decisions, I wanted to bring up a most obvious point that it seems most Nevadans miss: Right to Work means Right To Work For Less.

It is really just that simple.

Nevada is dead last in anything that matters like job safety, average income, happiness. And they’re first in all the things that are awful like poverty, childhood hunger, disease, workplace injuries.

What do these have to do with Right To Work laws? Everything! They have everything to do with a law that is intended to prevent workers from improving their working conditions. With no say in the workplace, workers get shafted more and more until there’s nothing left to steal from them.

And, that, Nevada, is where you find yourself today.

Repeal your Right to Work laws. Start today to organize petitions and get the vote on your next ballot. Repeal the law that is hurting Nevada the most.

Oh, and while I’m at it, let me congratulate you on waking up about the need to vote for a Democratic president.

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