Who Won The Election?

Who Won The Election? – Updated –
Dave Speck

You won’t hear about this in the corrupt corporate news but the Democratic party won the past election, not just the presidential election, but also the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Then, why aren’t the Democrats in charge of all three? Because the do-nothing Republicans have used procedural trickery to prevent democracy, they have used Gerrymandering to redraw their states’ geography to prevent the will of the people.

America voted decidedly Democratic in this past election but we must do better. We have to get the Republicans out of the state governorships and state governments so America can clean up the deceit and trickery they are using to prevent our country from fixing ourselves.

Update 1:
The count is now up to 1.2 million more votes for Democrats for the House of Representatives than for Republicans, yet the Republicans control the House. Why?

3 thoughts on “Who Won The Election?”

  1. A comment I’ve read here seems most appropriate here, I hardly recognize this country anymore.

  2. If you’re a Republican and you knew your party was only staying in power by playing these tricks, wouldn’t you want to join a new party? What a steaming heap that party has become.

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