How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?

How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?
Matthew K

We are all hearing how important it is to cut Social Security. You would think that the world will end if we don’t start letting little old ladies starve to death.

But in reality nothing is wrong with Social Security. Nothing!

Furthermore, changes to Social Security will not affect the nation’s budget, not one little bit. Even Reagan tried explaining this to everyone some thirty years ago.

Now, then, why are some Congress men beating the drums so hard to mess up Social Security? Do they not know what you and I know? Are they really that stupid? Of course not. So, why are they trying to use this opportunity to make such awful changes?

It is obvious to many of us, but if you find yourself wondering, here is why.

They want to destroy any government program that helps the poor.

Anyone who doesn’t want to help the poor is blatantly un American because America was founded to provide for the welfare of we the people. It’s the very first sentence of the constitution.

So, tell me why someone would be in support for welfare for the rich through lower taxes while opposing a self-funded program of social insurance for the rest of us?

I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t represent we the people. They represent those intent on converting America into their own personal cash cow.

They are the Republican party.


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  1. It’s hard to understand why our mainstream media ignores these facts. We need to reform our media before we can fix anything else in this country.

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