Fiscal Farce Avoided

Fiscal Farce Avoided
David Schlecht

I refuse to call it the Fiscal Cliff because that’s just the Republican party’s effort to turn this into a crisis so they can hammer away at America’s social safety net.

So we avoided the fiscal disaster they were so warning us about. But, it didn’t get averted on the 31st and the world kept spinning didn’t it? It wasn’t a cliff at all, now was it?

So, now that it’s been avoided, what is next? Here’s what we can now expect.

The Republican party will use each and every possible excuse to take the economy hostage again. We will see this come up time and again and each time the Republican will try to strip away a little more of America’s core values, you know, the values of caring for one another.

At a time when we need to start demanding that the government spend more money to get us out of this Republican great depression, the Republicans want to cut spending. Does that seem backwards to anyone else?

So, expect more hostage taking.

Expect more demands to cut government.

Expect more demands to cut regulations, and let more people die.

The rich, the real rich, you know, the ones making more than a million dollars a year, well, they aren’t paying any more in taxes. They don’t pay payroll taxes because they take their income as capital gains. In fact, they don’t even pay tax on the income until they actually sell their stocks. And when they do, they’ll still be paying half the tax rate (20%) that the highest workers pay (39%).

The real workers will be paying an additional 2% in Social Security tax but the wealthy will be paying basically nothing for the social safety net.

Those selling multi-million dollar mansions and making more than a quarter million dollars in pure profit will have to pay a couple dollars in Obamacare tax.

To the dismay of the Republicans, the unemployed will get to continue to eat, grandma won’t be thrown under the bus, and the handicapped will not be left to die on park benches.

But, it’s not over. The Republicans will be back in two months demanding more cuts in the American way of life.

We are the richest country in the world and the Republicans are telling us we can’t afford to feed our starving poor. Shame on them.